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  • Tattoo Legalization

    noticed a visible tattoo on someone that was in my age range, and I remember analyzing the tattoo and thinking how beautiful each detail was. It wasn’t until a couple of days of getting to know this person that I noticed how no one would sit with him, or talk to him. Then I started seeing how teachers didn’t take his input seriously and unintentionally dismissed him, almost like if they were assuming there wasn’t anything they could do for him. It was as if his tattoo automatically declared the kind of person he was going…

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  • The Morality Of Tattoos

    once in his or her lifetime, if not, every other day. The popularity of tattoos has grown a lot with the beginning of the 21st century, and they have become more and more accepted and tolerated. A poll conducted by Fox News in March 2014 suggests that one out of every five Americans who voted has at least one or more tattoos (13). The most common reasons to get a tattoo are to perpetuate something of value – a dead or living person and religious views, or to express individuality. A lot of…

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  • Tattoos In The Workplace

    Topic of Interest Paper Most elderly clients view personal trainers with tattoos negatively. For clarification, when I refer to elderly, I mean people aged 65 and older. This belief is inspired by the fact that the current generation of elderly people didn’t have as many tattooed individuals as is the case in this day and age. As one of my professors put it, “If you had a tattoo back then, you were cool. [And] It symbolized that you were part of a gang.” In that example, the word gang refers to…

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  • Deviance Of Tattoos Essay

    Deviance of Tattoos Tattoos were believed to be around since 2000 B.C. (“Tattoos”) and they even found one on the Iceman that is believed to be 5,200 years-old. They were traditionally made by rubbing dark pigments into skin pricked by a thin needle stuck into a piece of wood. They were usually given to royals and important figures in ancient Egypt, which the oldest tattoos were believed to come from. Tattoos were seen as a sign of wealth in ancient history, not as deviant as more recent…

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  • Tattoo Persuasive Speech

    getting a tattoo for a long time, and now that you've taken the plunge you're excited about what you're seeing. You know that the pain you went through getting the tattoo was nothing now that you see the results. Don't make the mistake, though, of thinking your job is complete. Without the proper care, your beautiful new tattoo can end up being your worst nightmare. A new tattoo is fragile. It is prone to infection, it could lose some of its beautiful color, or you might lose the design…

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  • Tattoo Culture Essay

    appears to be a salient rise in the desire for people to signify that which they undoubtedly own – their own bodies. Tattoos fulfil this purpose. It becomes evident to me that the richness of Auckland’s culture is reflected in the myriad of views towards covering the body in ink. This societal variation inevitably results in a multifaceted conclusion. It would be difficult to perceive tattoo culture as a tame league of bodily modification. Involving needles, ink, flesh, pain and a high degree…

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  • Essay On Tattoos In The Media

    with tattoos and piercings as an untrustworthy group of people. Media believes that a person should look clean and respectable. A person with tattoos and piercings gets criticized over not meeting the media’s standard way of looking. The media judges a person with any sort of body modification before the said person has a chance to prove their self. Media portrays people with tattoos and piercings as unprofessional, bad parents, and criminals. In the media people with tattoos and piercings are…

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  • Tattoos In Today's Society

    the Tahitian “tatu” which means “to mark something”. The Tahitian, who are an indigenous people who live in Tahiti, used sticks with sharp bone dipped in natural made inks from berries. The stick poked in and out of the skin for hours, and the tattoos were used as representation of the person's family story. As time passed the vessel used to deliver the tattoos changed as well as the trends and meanings. Through it all tattoos remain an art form of self expression, coping with emotional and…

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  • Tattoos And Piercings Essay

    Tattoos and piercings were first adopted as a way for people to instantly identify each other within a group. They were used to mark out transgressors like criminals and slaves, as was historically done in China and many other places, or to provide instant identification of the members and non-members of a social group. While attitudes towards tattooing and piercing are fairly permissive in the United States, in Hong Kong acceptance is much less common, and participation in these practices is…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Tattoos

    on tattoos has changed over the years. Tattoos are permanent ink colored or non color images on one’s skin. People who tattoo themselves create a personal and cultural expression with tattoos. Many individuals utilize their bodies as an artistic medium to create visible expressions of their interior emotions. The meanings of tattoos can symbolize different emotions, such as personal achievement by tattooing something that symbolizes that achievement on their body. Other people tattoo themselves…

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