Tartaric acid

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  • Dimmethyl Carvone Stereochemistry

    Stereochemistry 5. Introduction In this experiment, stereochemistry was explored by the isomerization of dimethyl maleate and the analysis of carvones. The isomerization was accomplished with the use of bromine, which broke the double bond to allow bond rotation. Free bond rotation allowed molecules to shift into the trans state before the double bond was reformed to create dimethyl fumarate. Weight and melting point of the crystals formed were taken for further analysis. Enantiomeric carvones were compared by odor and optical rotation for analysis. The data collected from the comparison was used to analyze the physical and chemical properties of enantiomers. 6. Data and Results Dimethyl maleate was converted to dimethyl fumarate through the addition of bromine. To formulate the mechanism of this reaction, dimethyl maleate was put into three solutions. Two contained bromine and one of those two was exposed to light while the other was kept in the dark. The third solution did not contain bromine but was exposed to light. Only the solution with bromine and exposed to light formed crystals of dimethyl fumarate. The other bromine solution remained as a light orange liquid while the not bromine solution remained a colorless liquid. It changed from a light orange color to colorless. From .5 mL of dimethyl maleate, .48 g of dimethyl fumarate was recovered. This shows a 98.26 % yield. The obtained melting point was 85-99 °C, which is very close to the theoretical melting point of…

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  • Sodium Bicarbonate (Nahco3)

    Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), or sodium hydrogen carbonate, also known as baking soda and bicarbonate of soda, is a soluble white crystalline compound, with a slight alkaline taste resembling that of sodium carbonate. It is found in many mineral springs, in natural deposits in USA and is mainly produced by the Solvay process: NaCl + NH3 + CO2 + H2O NaHCO3 + NH4Cl Sodium bicarbonate, when exposed to an acid, releases carbon dioxide and water: NaHCO3 + HCl NaCl + H2O + CO2 (gas) Above 70°C,…

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  • The Concentration Of Malic Acid In Wine

    Malic acid is one of the primary contributors of acidity in the grape. Its concentration tends to decrease as the grape ripe and it is mostly due to metabolic respiration. The vine and grape are depend on the Malic acid as a fuel in respiration. During warmer days, the metabolic respiration will be higher and thus decrease the total amount of Malic acid. However when in a cooler climates, the concentration of mMlic acid will remain at initial levels or slightly decrease only. Malic acid is very…

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  • Tartarin Melting Point

    Abstract: The melting point ranges for the substances Tartaric Acid, Acetaminophen, and Phenacetin, which are in powder form and white in color, was found and compared to their literature values to find their purity. The melting point range of a 9:1 mixture of Phenacetin and Tartaric acid was later found to show the effect an impure substance has on temperature. Melting point range for unknown three that was lastly tested was matched to Acetaminophen by comparing their melting points.…

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  • 2-Aminobenzophenone Lab Report

    solvent-free and green synthetic procedures, we decided to explore the use of tartaric acid catalyst for synthesis of polysubstituted quinolines via Friedlander condensation in high to excellent yields at 70 °C under solvent-free conditions. Initially the reaction between 2-aminobenzophenone (1.0 mmol) and dimedone (1.0 mmol), as the model reaction was examined in the presence varying amount of tartaric acid as catalyst and the results are presented in Table 1. The best result was achieved by…

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  • FT-Ir Analysis Essay

    range Intensity Group assignment Functional groups 1 3972.43 0.0086 Unknown 2 3859.33 0.0412 Unknown 3 3805.79 0.0733 Unknown 4 3396.46 0.9280 Medium N-H stretch Amides, alcohols and amines 5 2987.43 0.2450 Medium C-H stretch Alkanes and acids 6 2946.27 0.2810 Medium C-H stretch Alkanes and acids 7 2912.38 0.2040 Medium C-H stretch Alkanes 8 2834.49 0.3170 Weak C-H stretch Aldehydes and acids 9 2524.07 0.0337 Medium O-H stretch Carboxylic acids 10 2226.40 0.0033 Weak C ≡C stretch Alkynes…

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  • Chutrition Essay: Environmental Effects Of Soft Drinks

    urine volume  High concentration of sugar is drawing off water because your kidneys try to expel the excess sugar out of the blood.  When you drink a caffeinated soft drink to quench your thirst, you will actually become thirstier 11/05/2014 SOFT DRINKS & ITS HARMFUL EFFECTS 18 19. KIDNEY FAILURE: Drinking large amounts of soft drinks containing phosphoric acid may be especially harmful. Having poor kidney function can lead to unusually high levels of phosphorous in your blood that lower…

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  • Synthesis Of Pb Film

    zeolite-like structure is well known as the prototype of a number of polynuclear transition-metal hexacyanometalates with the formula, Fe4Ⅲ[FeⅡ(CN)6]3 [1,2]. It exhibits electrochemical [3–5], electrochromic [6–8], photophysical [9,10], and magnetic properties [11,12]. In particular, the electrocatalytic property among these special properties enables the potential analytical application of electrochemical sensor using the PB-modified electrode [13,14]. The reduced form of PB is prussian white…

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  • Effect Of Dissolving Alka Seltzer In Different Liquids

    mixture is made up of only one uniform. The ingredients of an Alka-Seltzer pill consist of 324mg of aspirin, 1625mg of sodium hydrogen carbonate, 965mg of citric acid anhydrous, dimeticone, calcium silicate, docusate sodium, sodium benzoate sodium saccharin, natural and artificial lemon flavor, natural and artificial lime flavor. Each Alka-Seltzer pill has 445mg of sodium and once an Alka-Seltzer is dissolved in water, it turns into bicarbonate which reacts with the hydrogen from the citric acid…

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  • Pool Pump Functions

    You already know your pool has a pump, but do you really know what that pump actually does? You might be surprised! What Exactly Does a Pool Pump Do? Your pool pump is the heart of your pool and without it, it would die...so to speak. Just like a human heart, your pool's heart (the pump) only has one thing it has to do which is pump water. However, that one thing serves several very important functions, such as: • Pulls the water from your pool through the skimmers and drains. • Then it…

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