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  • Tartarus Monologue

    All I knew about me was fact that I was demigod. My mother died whet I have just been born, she was killed by this Jackson. He thought that I was his enemy. I was raised by Tartarus him self. He told me my story. I am son of Poseidon sea. Jackson is his son too. But Poseidon is not my father, Tartarus is one. I hate gods, all of them. Poseidon let his son kill my mother with cold blood. One day I was training fighting with monster when my father came. 'Rogue' he said 'I need to talk with you'. 'Yes, father' I replied. I follow him to the cave, which was my home for last twelve years. 'Would you like to kill Percy Jackson" he asked, 'I would rather forgive gods than loose chance to extort his heart out of his chest' I shrieked. He smiled 'Maybe you can achieve both of your dreams'. He gave me a pack. I opened it. There were two swords, a phial and a trident, I took the last one. 'It is your fathers symbol if you would put it on Zeus's throne you can use him to get revenge on Jackson. And…

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  • Enuma Elish And From The Theogony Analysis

    Both the Enuma Elish and From the Theogony have a powerful hero in Marduk and Zeus, but, while From the Theogony asserts that Zeus acts heroically because he is innately a hero, the Enuma Elish asserts that Marduk is a hero as a result of his heroic actions without needing purely heroic motivation. A key difference that shows how the myths treat the cause and effect relation of being a hero and heroic actions is how Marduk and Zeus assume the role of the hero in their stories. In the Enuma…

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  • Themes In 'Yet Do I Marvel' By Countee Cullen

    “To struggle up a never- ending stair” a line that resonated with me while I was choosing a poem to recite in front of the class. ‘Yet Do I Marvel’ by Countee Cullen is a masterpiece within itself, the poem goes over the astonishment Cullen has regarding God’s power and much more if you don’t take the time to carefully read it. This poem is one of his famous poems during his career and was published in 1925, during a difficult time for blacks- especially black poets. The type of poem ‘Yet Do I…

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  • No Exit Analysis

    Tulane’s production of No Exit was a very fun experience. No Exit itself is a very interesting story, with some very good dialogue. The dialogue really has to be very good, as the entire play takes place in a single room, which leaves a very heavy burden upon the actors to not only remember lines, but to execute them. While no doubt I think Garcin, Inez and Estelle were played a little differently than how Satre intended, the parts were acted well, and I view the differences from the script as…

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  • Tartarus Of Maids Meaning

    The story, Tartarus of Maids by Herman Melville, is about a seeds man who takes a trip out of town to visit a paper mill. When the seeds man goes to the paper mill he asks for a tour. On this tour the seeds man realizes that the only people working at the paper mill, or at least on the machines are women. The seeds man seems very shocked and soon becomes uncomfortable by the situation going on in the paper mill. That is a very short summary of the story, however, if you look deeper there are…

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  • Compare And Contrast Melville's Paradise Of Bachelors And Tartarus Of Maids

    Melville’s “Paradise of Bachelors and Tartarus of Maids” Responses 2. Word choice in the first two pages that suggest corruption are those like “luxury”(1), “immortal fame”(1), “fuller cells”(2) of wine, and “glorious dinners”(2). The knights started to only care about wealth, wine and happening a good time, dismissing the needs of the poor people. Their instruments turned into “a one-handed quill”(2) to attack in court using law and the motivation of charging high fees to their clients. The…

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  • Hemera And The Primordial Gods Of Homer's Odyssey

    goddess of the earth. Then light and day gave birth to Thalassa primordial goddess of the sea. Beneath the earth arises the pit, Tartarus primordial of punishment and other deities such as…

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  • The House Of Hades Essay

    4. There were many interesting parts and there were some parts that I tried not to fall asleep on. Some of the interesting parts were when Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase were in Tartarus fighting monsters, slowly dying. They are met with past enemies and make unforeseen alliances. In the Prophecy of Seven, one of the lines say, “And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death”. Their foes in the story are Bob the Titan, AKA Iapetus, and Damasen the giant. They come together in the middle of the…

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  • Roman Mythology: The Comparison To The Underworld

    The Comparison To The Underworld Many pieces of literature contain many similar characteristics to Greek and Roman mythology as these references illustrate a certain idea or image for the reader. Many authors in the past would draw these comparisons to invoke a deeper meaning to their writing. The Underworld of Roman mythology is the kingdom of Pluto and is where Romans believed the dead went to in afterlife. For one, the house of Trimalchio as well as the contents in it, are directly related to…

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  • Greek Mythology Book Comparison

    Let me ask you how does plunging into a monster filled abyss sound, Not very fun? The book I will be writing about is the next installment in Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series HOUSE OF HADES. In this book Percy and Annabeth venture through Tartarus to open the Doors of Death in the underworld whilst Leo, Piper, Jason, Frank, and Hazel travel to Epirus to open them in the mortal world. This is accomplished by giving care to a farting weasel, meeting the embodiment of crossroads, and many…

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