Tartarin Melting Point

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Abstract: The melting point ranges for the substances Tartaric Acid, Acetaminophen, and Phenacetin, which are in powder form and white in color, was found and compared to their literature values to find their purity. The melting point range of a 9:1 mixture of Phenacetin and Tartaric acid was later found to show the effect an impure substance has on temperature. Melting point range for unknown three that was lastly tested was matched to Acetaminophen by comparing their melting points.
Melting point is loosely defined as the temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid. In chemistry, melting point, also recognized as the liquefaction point, refers to the temperature at which the solid and liquid phases of a compound are equal. Melting points are used when deciding the purity of a
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The small ranges of the acetaminophen, phenacetin, tartaric acid, and the unknown proves that they were pure while the mixture had a wide range which proves the effect of the impurity of a compound of temperature.
The overall results were not as expected due to the calibration of the apparatus being off. The apparatus was reading temperatures lower than what they actually were leading to our data having lower melting points. The experiment would have had a better outcome if the equipment worked properly as well as having lower amounts of the compounds into the capillary tubes. The procedure was a very good method for finding the purity and melting points of compounds due to the easy at which the melting is noticed as well as being able to control the temperature unlike using a Bunsen burner or a hot

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