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  • Portable Tarp Tent Mockup: Case Study

    Purpose The purpose of getting client feedback was to determine the specific features of each mockup most preferred by the client, Ally Financial. Three Ally Financial representatives were present, and we asked each to rank the mockups in turn, based on four different criteria. The criteria were: (1) visibility of cars while the device is deployed and not deployed, (2) the aesthetic appeal of the device, (3) feasibility of deployment, and (4) willingness of dealerships to install or use the device.We also asked the clients for their overall impression of each mockup. Test methodology Three team members conducted one client feedback session with each of the mockups during the week of May 9 at the Ford Motor Company Design Center on the Northwestern University Campus which lasted roughly 45 minutes. The mockups were constructed of various materials and differed according to both method of deployment and method of hail protection. The Triple Threat, composed of wood, PVC pipe, and three rolls of fabric, operated with the idea of protecting the cars on all sides with fabric that could be unrolled at a moment’s notice to cover multiple cars at once (figure ?). FIgure ?: The Triple Threat mockup deployed over a row of scaled ‘cars’ The Hail Garage, made from wood and sheet metal, was built on the idea of sun awnings employed by various dealerships. In the event of a hailstorm, walls like garage doors could be deployed to make the ‘awning’ an enclosed structure, protecting…

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  • Case Study Of Eco Bags

    CHAPTER 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY TARPS recycles tarpaulin waste into bags. The bags are made out of tarpaulin, making it thicker than an average plastic bag and cannot tear apart easily like a paper bag would. Tarpaulin in nature are water resistant therefore the bags will not be affected by wet products and it will not melt when exposed in the rain unlike paper bags. If food was spilt in the bag it would be easier to clean it off or if the shoes put into it are muddy, cleaning the bag would not be…

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  • Who Is Richard Parker's Spiritual Needs In Life Of Pi

    says “I would give myself access to what supplies might be stored below. but that meant creating an opening onto Richard Parker’s den. There was no question. Thirst pushed me on” (Martel 139-140) Pi Recognizes the need for the supplies down below that would aid him in his survival. Even though Pi knows Richard Parker is down there, he uses his reasoning to decide that the supplies are more important for his survival. When Pi gets to the supplies, he finds the drinking water that the lifeboat…

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  • Bedbug

    Measures taken by companies offering bed bugs removal in Toronto There are many advantages while adopting the technique of fumigation, but one has to consider a lot of things before implementing this process. The householders must remember the chemicals used are highly toxic and must follow the instructions mentioned by companies of bed bugs fumigation in Toronto to have safe treatment; otherwise the toxic chemicals can affect the human system also. The primary objective to achieve is completely…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Tent Footprint Vs. Pap

    In this manner, you have a makeshift shelter. • It can cover anything. Many tarps have a generous coating of either water-resistant or UV-protecting compound. This fact makes it more than an awesome component for creating a portable tent. I’ve already used it before as a sunshield for food, and no casserole got spoiled even after several hours. One time I toured Asia, I saw some utilizing it to cover appliances while they’re being transported. I • It doubles as a groundsheet. Moreover, the…

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  • Story Of Keesh Survival Analysis

    When Pi starts to feel dehydrated, he makes the choice of risking his life by opening the tarpaulin and finding resources or getting attacked by Richard Parker. In the story it states, “I looked down between my legs. I thought I would faint for joy. The open locker glistened with shiny new things…. Drinking water said the vintage label in black letters”( Martel/Pi 86). Pi’s dangerous choice to open the tarpaulin allowed him to find fresh water. His risky decision has rewarded him gratefully.…

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  • Marketing And Marketing Case Study Of Chixchops

    These sites will be used to post photos, prices, promos and other information about the business. Every day on ChixChops accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the Manager or Cashier will upload the photos of their customers after receiving their orders. The photos of the customers that will be uploaded everyday will be called “The Sizzling Customers Today”. By uploading the photos of the sizzling customers, it will help to attract new customers. 2. Tarpaulins and Leaflets Tarpaulins will…

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  • Daksha Dance Symbolism

    The dress worn for the ball has symbolic significance. Alka wears the costume of Rani Janshi though not brave like her. Dolly wears the mujra dress of a prostitute expresses her keen desire to love and to be loved outside marriage.The dance costume decided for the crippled Daksha is also symbolically significant. In the words of Krati, The old beggar woman who appears in the play under the tarpaulin time and again has a symbolic meaning. First time she appears, at the reference of the name of…

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  • Piscine Molitor In Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

    introduced to the storyline, it is clear there are some similarities between the animal and Pi. One of these is the representation of the weak side of Pi. The zebra is presented to us as a helpless creature. It can do nothing, but lie there and suffer. During many parts of the novel Pi does nothing to better his situation and instead sits there and feels sorry for himself. The zebra does not even put up the slightest protest against the hyena, becoming easy prey. This correlates with younger…

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  • Life Of Pi Character Development

    Christian, and a Muslim, after falling in love with their respected spiritual cultures. Faith in the Life of Pi is a major theme due to Pi Patel’s incredible ordeal, faith influences his external and internal battles for survival on his lengthy journey. Pi’s father, Santosh, decides to move the family to Canada and consequently sell the zoo at the same time. India was going through difficult times during the 70’s, and this encouraged him to move the family elsewhere to pursue a better life. In,…

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