Jcpenney Target Market Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… She will be entering the workforce, but will not have a large income at first. She will fit into many of JCPenney's promotional campaigns and will be attracted to the available brands such as Sephora, Allen B, and Bisou Bisou (Ostlund, 2012). She seeks low prices and good quality clothes and other items. She will go to JCPenney when she needs new clothes and will buy just enough to get her by. This segment is relevant to JCPenney because it will help invigorate the store with a younger demographic who is going to willingly shop at JCPenney because of the brands and low prices. This target market can be called the Up-and-Coming. Another potential target market for JCPenney is the household shopper aged 18-35, who is usually a woman, and watches the Ellen DeGeneres talk show. Through the Ellen DeGeneres talk show JCPenney will advertise it's new marketing strategies and products which will be attractive to this segment. She will be more fashionably inclined than the older target market and will be attracted by the contemporary brands that JCPenney offers. She …show more content…
He will want clothes that will be comparable in quality to more expensive brands at a lower price. He will not usually use coupons or promotions, but will go in and browse through the store to see if there is anything there that day that he wants. He will be going to a local community college when he is old enough in order to save money, and will look to do the same when purchasing clothing. This segment is important to JCPenney because it will bring in more male customers. Most people who shop at JCPenney are women, and an influx of male customers would create the opportunity for more brands aimed at men to appear in JCPenney stores. This target market can be called the Young

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