Target Market Analysis: Googleear Is Always Hear !

Our target market is everyone who owns computers, smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, and other devices, which can pair with our Bluetooth enabled devices, because we want everyone to have a unique and better lifestyle and make their life easier. Since Google has great brand awareness and sufficient budget, we decide to target all our segments with different offering to each. We use the differentiated targeting strategy because it helps us obtain a bigger share of the market and increase of the market for our products overall. Providing our headphones that appeal to multiple segments helps diversify the business and therefore lowers the company’s overall risk.

Marketing positioning is the place a product occupies in a given market, as perceived
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And you get exactly what you paid for, but with perks! Attached to an already well-known brand it will attract consumers on a large scale. It is also evident from the name that the target market consists of people who are looking for a specialized version of earphones and headphones. We’re a brand that will extend and innovate on a continual basis, just as Google does. GoogleEar was created with a fashion forward minimalistic look in mind. So with the target markets selected GoogleEar will provide two models, the Innie (in-ear) and the Outie (over-the-ear) in two achromatic colors, which are Black and White. In addition, the brand offers a personalization service called GoogleMe at an increase of $19.99 on retail. This allows us to have a larger demographic by …show more content…
This type of strategy is known as skimming pricing, established by most high tech product selling companies because it will eventually reach a large demographic, which in turn increases the revenue of our company. Another pricing strategy that we have established is the psychological strategy. This allows our consumers to be under the impression that they are buying a product at a reasonable price. Pricing our products at $119.95 and $239.95 will make our customers think they’re buying a product for less than 250 and 120, giving them assurance that they are making the right choice. Also, since these prices our lower than our competitors it gives our consumers all the more assurance that they’re going in the right direction. It allows us as brand to build a reputation without making significant changes to the actual product. It, therefore, seems like the best bargain in the

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