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  • Witchcraft Fortunes And Tarot Analysis

    Witchcraft, Fortunes and Tarot: An Interview with Wiccan Practicer In this ever changing society, the religion of Wicca has been one of the fastest growing faiths throughout the world. It is by those who believe in the respective values of nature and realized the intrinsic connection between these forces that truly illustrate the Wiccan belief. However, due to the romanticized portrayal of witches and their views in the media today, many are charmed by this craft but do not realize the true essence of the religion. Nevertheless it is to be asked what do Wiccans truly believe in and why have many dedicated their lives to revolve around these matters? In regards to this questioning, I was able to see the true disposition of this particular belief by a face-to-face, qualitative interview with Amy Ferrante, a practitioner of Wicca and an friend of mine, at CCSU on November 24, 2016. My findings, in order to receive an in depth understanding, was divided into two sections: an…

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  • Essay On Angel Tarot Cards

    Over two years ago, I bought and reviewed my Angel Tarot cards, and while I haven 't talked about them since, I used them today to help me work through an issue I 'm having, and the results were so good that I thought I would share them. Angel Tarot Review for November I should clarify that my Angel Tarot cards always give good results. They always help me find answers to questions, which is why I still have them. I just haven 't found myself writing too much about them because - well, I guess…

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  • The Strength Card In The Traditional Rider-Waite

    The Strength card seem to be one of the most popular tarot cards in the deck, at least among girls. Whenever I pull this card for my female friends there is a certain level of pride. The Strength card has an allure to everyone, though girls in particular seem drawn to it. The idea of a kind of inner strength built of peace and serenity over raw animal desire is such a unique and intriguing concept. The Strength card isn’t built on some two dimensional concept of being physically strong. Rather…

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  • The False Prophet

    The original tarot cards were called Trump Cards. These tarot card games went by such names as Trionfi (triumphs or tarot) in Italy and Triomphe in France. Wikipedia states, “Triomphe (French for triumph) is a card game dating from the late 15th century. It most likely originated in France or Spain (as triunfo) and later spread to the rest of Europe. When the game arrived in Italy, it shared a similar name with the pre-existing game and deck known as trionfi (tarot). While trionfi has a fifth…

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  • Lilac Montgomery Short Story

    Lilac Montgomery On march 29th I had left too the airport and went to new York walking out of the corner store with a Dr. Pepper in my hand I whistled to get a taxi “ where to miss?” he asked “ 45 East Evans St ” I replied he nodded and left to the place. “ and we are here that would be $40 ” he said I gave him a hundred “ keep the change thank you ” I replied and with that I walked up to to what looked like apartment complexes a guy who looked about the same age as me Smiled at me “ did…

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  • Symbolism In Gryphon Charles Baxor

    opens their eyes to the mysteries and wonder of the world, prospering what a child’s mind should be. Alternatively, she is also a monster to some students as she seems to live in an imaginary world and some of her bizarre behavior really upsets the children. Another similarity would be that, a gryphon is a combination of a lion and a bird, Miss Ferenczi is a crazy combination of colorful outfits, checkered lunchboxes, and blue-tinted glasses. By the end of the story, Miss Ferenczi disregards the…

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  • The Roles Of Women: Herodotus And Sima Qian

    Herodotus and Sima Qian are known as two of the greatest historians of their time. In comparing each of their writings several different roles that women were meant to fill become clear. Although these vastly different cultures had limited contact, women in Greece and China were very similar during this time period. Each writer gives distinct evidence of women fulfilling, or denying the roles placed upon them as wives, mothers, daughters, oracles, soldiers, commanders, gifts, property, and…

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  • Compare And Contrast Young Goodman Brown And The Man In The Black Suit

    The Devil has been portrayed in thousands of stories, shows and movies. How this character appears varies from story to story. Some show the Devil as a red man with horns, others as a normal person.“Young Goodman Brown”, which portrays the Devil as the later, is about how everyone is sinful, while “The Man in the Black Suit”, which portrays the Devil as more of the former, is about how the Devil comes for us all. While both “Young Goodman Brown” and “The Man in the Black Suit” show the danger…

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  • Psychological Theories Of Carl Jung's Tarot Cards

    I’ve never been good at asking for advice, but often find I have no idea what I’m doing. So, I just sit down and try to figure it out for myself. Sometimes I just end up thinking way too much. Finishes laying last card. I’ve always been interested in things that other people think are weird. Like these, Tarot Cards are one of the most interesting things I’ve ever bought. Now I don’t necessarily believe in reading the future or anything like that. But, tarot cards really just work off of…

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  • Symbols In Frederico Garcia Lorca's Blood Wedding

    truth, and betrayal in a unique way. The tarot card references in the play are likely the most effective and interesting symbols Lorca uses to translate his literary ideas to religious concepts. The use of tarot cards in Lorca’s work may seem subtle to those who don’t have experience with the religious tool, but for people who can easily identify tarot cards, their significance is almost overwhelming. Tarot cards are commonly used in literature as symbols for common ideas. Granted, in the…

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