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  • The Principle Of Centrifugation

    Introduction: Centrifugation is a process used to separate or concentrate materials suspended in a liquid medium. It is a method used to separate molecules under the centrifugation field based on their sedimentation rate with the help of centrifugal force. It is also used to measure the physical properties of a molecule like molecular weight, density, shape, etc. If it is used for the separation of one type of materials from others is termed as preparative centrifugation and when used for measurement of physical properties of macromolecules, then it is known as analytical centrifugation. Principle of centrifugation: Particles suspended in a solution are pulled downwards by Earth’s gravitational force. In a solution, particles with higher mass…

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  • Caspar Character Analysis

    A passionate scientist whose career is stagnating is offered a job tracking down alien technology that puts his life in danger. STORY COMMENTS Wormhole Leak presents as an original, proposed sci-fi action-adventure pilot. The goal of the pilot is clear: find lost alien technology. The stakes are fairly high given the consequences and havoc that the lost weapons could cause if found in the wrong hands. The pilot offers a likable protagonist in Caspar. He’s a man who loves being a scientist,…

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  • Initial Reflection Of Rhetorical Situation Influence My Writing

    Initial Reflection In my draft I feel as if I was most successful in explaining how the constituents of the rhetorical situation influenced my writing. In my second writing sample, I mentioned how each of the constituents, most importantly the exigence, shaped the way I wrote the email. I made sure to explain why I chose to write the way I did, and why I chose to include the links and phrases that I used to convince my father to let me join a sorority. Even though I think I went into detail…

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  • Acetonitrile Lab Report

    cadmium of nettle herb. These interactions between pH and rates of centrifugation or ionic liquid volume are shown in Fig 1c-e for nickel and Fig 1d-f for cadmium. Increase in both pH and ionic liquid yielded an increase in the response surface for nickel. The response value reached its highest level at 9 while pH showed a maximum 70 µL of ionic liquid. As seen in Fig 1e depicts the response surface obtained by plotting of pH versus rates of centrifugation. The extraction efficiency improved…

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  • Importance Of Protein Purification

    Then, the supernatant is used for further purification steps. To know the location of the desired protein in cell, the differential centrifugation or density gradient centrifugation is a good choice for protein separation in the each organelle. In differential centrifugation, the particles are separated according to their sizes into fractions by stepwise increase of the centrifugal force. Density gradient centrifugation is a scheme to separate particles by their densities. Several materials can…

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  • Contaminant Regeneration Essay

    Using the centrifugal force is one of the solutions to settle water and suspending impurities from used lubricants [Audibert 2006]. However, centrifugation still cannot remove all impurities in used lubricants. Thus, centrifugation is commonly used as a pretreatment to eliminate large and heavy such as metal fragments from tear and wear of moving parts and sands. Centrifugation is also used to separate acid sludge in acid treatment process [Hamad, et al., 2002]. Used Lubricant Regeneration…

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  • Protein Purification Practical Report

    step begins once the production cycle in the Bioreactor ends and the contents has been transferred to the harvest vessel. The purpose of the harvest step is to separate the cells, cell debris and particulate material from the protein product containing solution, a clarification process. This separation can be achieved through the utilisation of two separate methods, Microfiltration or Centrifugation. These steps need to be carried out swiftly as the cells are still active in the harvest…

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  • Summary: Theoretical/Conceptual Paradigm

    processes by acting as vascular plug in injured blood vessels and tissues. Growth factors such as Interleukin 1β (IL-1β) IL-4 TNFα (Lee et al, 2013) and pro-inflammmatory cytokines such as , PDGF-α and β, Transforming growth factors β1, insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) are released when platelets are activated during centrifugation of blood without anticoagulant (Kang et al., 2011), Such GFs and Cytokines promote soft and hard tissue regeneration…

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  • Exploring The Relationship Between Pectinase And Enzyme Industry

    In addition, some juice may remain in the pomace of the fruit(apple), leading to incomplete extraction process. Therefore, pectinase is needed to assist juice extraction and separation of undesirable precipitate using centrifugation or sedimentation. Research suggests that the juice yield increases with the concentration of pectin enzymes. The use of pectinase is also critical in clarification process of juices while retaining the nutrients and flavor in it. Some fruits, such as banana, have…

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  • Chitocan Case Study

    Preparation of coating solutions Chitosan solution was prepared with 2 % (w/v) chitosan in 1% (v/v) acetic acid glacial. The solution was placed on a hot plate/magnetic stirrer for 6 h. The resultant chitosan-based coating solution was filtrated, through a Whatman filter paper No: 2, glycerol was added at 0.75 % (w/v), and stirred for more than 15 minutes. Two of the best concentrations, 60 and 90 mg mL−1 were prepared from freeze-dried IgY for S. putrefaciens and P. fluorescens respectively.…

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