Summary: Theoretical/Conceptual Paradigm

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Theoretical/Conceptual Paradigm
The study is based on the premise that various preparations of platelet concentrate such as PRF and CGF may be regarded as healing biomaterials since they contain all the necessary components permitting optimal wound healing following surgical procedures. Components such as growth factors and pro-inflammatory cytokines have been reported to work in unison for the achievement of wound healing in various medical and surgical cases. As such this can be a promising innovation in the field of dental surgery, as well as in dental implantation procedures. Further, the two preparations may serve as filling materials that rapidly promote natural bone regeneration in dental cases that demand bone replacement
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Other inputs are its subjects which are composed of 35 dental patients. They are either male or female, and within the age group 18 and up to less than 30 years old. In further making use of the IPO Model, the process in this study are the evaluation processes and methodology used in order to accurately gauze and measure the growth factor and platelet concentrations. Process of this study also includes the statistical tools and analysis of measurement. The output of this study will be the quantification of the levels of growth factor of platelet concentrate and growth factor concentrate. Other outputs may include findings on which of the two protocols will have greater platelet and growth factor concentrates, which thus, can lead to conclusion on which of the two can be a better option for wound healing.

Statement of the Problem
This study aims to assess the PRF and CGF as regards the platelet count, level of growth factors and effectiveness in promoting wound healing and filler following surgical removal of impacted third molar among Filipino patients.
Specifically, the study aims to seek answer to the following problems:
1. What is the profile of the patients as regards the:
1.1 age
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Findings here will provide realization on whether it is significant or effective to use PRF and/or GCG or either for dental implant implant patients. This may also provide validation on which of the two is more effective in accelerating tissue healing. Value for money for a new technology. The two latest protocols, techniques or processes in wound or tissue healing are still considered costly by among the average-earning Filipino patient, and the gadgets are also yet considered hardly affordable by start-up dental surgeons. Thus, result of this study will provide a basis for practitioners for adoption of either or both technology, or none at all, for their dental practice. For appreciation of dental innovation. This study will provide practitioners and would be dental surgeons to better understand new techniques and methods in tissue/wound healing, and all its benefits to oral and dental care and

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