Caspar Character Analysis

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A passionate scientist whose career is stagnating is offered a job tracking down alien technology that puts his life in danger.

Wormhole Leak presents as an original, proposed sci-fi action-adventure pilot. The goal of the pilot is clear: find lost alien technology. The stakes are fairly high given the consequences and havoc that the lost weapons could cause if found in the wrong hands.
The pilot offers a likable protagonist in Caspar. He’s a man who loves being a scientist, but his career hasn’t quite gone the way he wants. He’s given an opportunity to help aliens, which eventually he agrees to.
The teaser effectively establishes this original world - a secret world with alien technology hiding in plain sight of our present day world.

The premise for the entire series
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In the GET SMART series, normally Maxwell Smart and/or Agent 99 would be in some mortal danger and Maxwell Smart would have to outsmart the enemy and get them out of their dilemma.
End each of the acts on high tension to maintain the interest of the audience.
Another point of confusion is whether or not alien life is an accepted thing in the world of this story. Define the rules of the world. Caspar seems to easily accept it.
Humor/comedy is very subjective, but the best for this type of series will involve visual and physical comedy, as well as some strong and witty one-liners. As mentioned, if the intention is to be light-hearted, the tone really needs to be sharper.
The other element that is extremely important to any series is the buddy relationship and chemistry between characters. To make this series more successful, the buddy chemistry between Dan and Caspar will need to be enhanced. One way to create chemistry is through witty banter. As mentioned, consider making Dan a female.
With a that said, there are some sweet moments between Caspar and Catalina. Catalina is likable and she feels protective about

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