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  • Cognitive Learning Styles

    as being disobedient. In reality, it is impossible for a child to learn in a way that does not appeal to him or her. Each student has his or her own learning style (also called cognitive style). It is the job of a teacher to introduce different learning styles. So that, the student is able to…

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  • Saracho And Dayton Summary

    Relationship of Teachers’ Cognitive Styles to Pupils’ Academic Achievement Gains by Saracho and Dayton was published in the Journal of Educational Psychology in 1980. Saracho and Dayton discuss the relationship between teacher and student cognitive styles and their effectiveness in education. In a country that continues to lose ground on a world ranking for education, the need for reform is an ever present political issue. The study by Saracho and Dayton can prove helpful if a district is…

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  • Difference Between Learning Style And Cognitive Styles

    2.2 Relevant to other similar concepts 2.2.1 Learning style and Cognitive style In the field of research relating to language teaching and learning, the two terms “learning style” and “cognitive style” are often used interchangeably. Several researchers have tried to define the differences between the two types such as : Allport (1937) clarifies the differences by stating cognitive style is individual’s typical ways of processing such as problem solving, thinking, perceiving and remembering. In…

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  • Cognitive Ability And Prejudice Analysis

    Cognitive Ability and Prejudice Contrasts that foresee prejudice has intrigued social and personality psychologist since Allport 's time and research has set up the relationship between an assortment of individual differences and prejudice. One example of individual difference would be (low) cognitive ability. With the new theoretical models being developed, they help to account for social and psychological factors that merge its association with prejudice. “These theoretical perspectives…

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  • Cognitive Hyper-Attention Style

    We’ve grown up with mobile phones, in the middle of the never ending consumer battles between big companies like Apple and Microsoft. Because this is our reality we need to be informed about the physiological effects technology has on us. That being said, we can’t entirely change ourselves, but we can be more conscious about how our thinking has developed and understand how we can improve as individuals with technology. I recently read a research paper by Katherine N. Hayles proclaiming that…

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  • The Execution Of Billy Buddd Analysis

    After a thorough analysis of Captain Vere and his judgment of Billy in her essay “The Execution of Billy Budd”, Barbara Johnson concludes, “what this means is that every judge is in the impossible position of having to include the effects of his own act of judging within the cognitive context of his decision” (Johnson, 599). Captain Vere is worried that, should he mitigate Billy’s penalty, despite the crew’s and his own feelings that Billy’s sentence is too harsh, a precedent may be set that…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: Blue Collar Brilliance

    seem to effectively match their language with their intended audience through careful word choice. The style that is chosen to deliver each advocate’s purposes differs due to their audience, Obama’s style of distribution to her audience appears to be a traditional and persuasive format; Rose’s style of distribution seems to be an informative and formal format. Obama audience consists of graduate students; though they do not have the same educational background as Obama, she can relate to them…

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  • Analysis Of Salvador Late Or Early By Sandra Cisneros

    Sandra Cisneros, an author who is deeply inspired by her Mexican American heritage. This inspiration is clearly shown throughout each and every one of her writing pieces, such as “Salvador Late or Early”, as well as “Eleven”. Both short-stories focus on adolescents with a mature mindset and adult precision, and each story does a marvelous job portraying Cisneros constant writing style. “Salvador Late or Early” is focusing on a young boy, Salvador, with heavy burdens to carry on his shoulders,…

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  • The Importance Of Setting In The Sound Of Waves

    If a story was told without a specific setting, would it be as meaningful? Setting is a powerful tool that provides substance to a work of literature. It is as as interesting as the actual plot of the story and readers must closely examine setting to see what kind of impact it leaves the story with. Mishima uses setting in the novel The Sound of Waves to highlight the theme that love empowers people to overcome hardships and challenges through the use of tone, characterization, and diction.…

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  • Dramatic Monologue In The Bloody Chamber, By Angela Carter

    Angela Carter wrote ‘The Bloody Chamber’ in 1979 it was set in the early 20th century in France, Carter showed the difference between the past and present. In the past women were oppressed and did not have any freedom, but in the present women are being treated more equally. I chose this source as it was a dark twisted story describing the role of a woman in a household and how they were actually treated behind doors. Using the short story source I changed the genre to a dramatic monologue. The…

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