Coinage Act of 1792

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    In the reading of Minimum wage and magical thinking he discusses that raising the minimum wage would have a negative impact and would actually hurt those that it is supposed to help and I would agree. Raising the minimum wage would cause inflation to rise, thus basically canceling out what it was intended to do and making the US dollar worth less. Secondly, minimum wage increase would cause the price of goods to rise and then less people will be buying so, then you are paying employees more and making less revenue. Lastly, this would hurt the very people that raising the minimum wage is intended to help because the number of jobs that are entry level or low skilled will drop and then people who were making a 7.25 minimum wage will now be making a 0 dollar wage. Minimum wage does not need to rise, especially not as drastic as some people are calling for and the positive outcome that is thought it would produce actually would be doing more harm than good. If the minimum wage were to rise inflation in turn would rise too as Issac Newton said for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The general idea is to pay people more money, but not raise the cost which in a perfect world that may work, but this is the real world and that isn’t how it works. If for example, McDonalds starts paying their minimum wage employees 10.10 nationwide in turn what used to be a one dollar cheeseburger will now be a two or three dollar burger as that extra money you are paying…

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    Hamilton was born in 1755 and died in 1804. His father was James A Hamilton and his mother was Rachel Faucette Buck. He also had a brother named James Hamilton. Alexander was born in the British west indies and in 1772 when he was already a teenager, he got to the colonies. Immediately after his arrival, he enrolled in king's college (now known as Columbia university.) By 1774, he was writing revolutionary essays and speaking in public meetings. In 1775 Alexander Hamilton helped in the…

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