Globalization Of Coffee

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Over the years, coffee has become the world’s most valuable legally traded commodity, second only to oil. Shortly after its unique and beneficial attributes were discovered, coffee has spread readily around most parts of the world. As demand for this beverage grew, so did its need for cultivation, and agriculture of coffee beans began to spread with its popularity in regions of the world where climate allows for such growth. As with many other commodities in the world, the popularity of coffee in certain regions tends to change depending on the political and economic circumstances at that time.
While the means of initial discovery of coffee is unknown, it is rumored that the beans were first noticed in the province of Kaffa in Ethiopia. The
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While coffee has been extremely popular in most parts of the world by the 19th century, Asia has maintained a strong preference for tea throughout this time. However, since 1990, coffee consumption in certain parts of Asia, primarily in the Eastern and Southeastern regions, has skyrocketed by about 4% a year (International Coffee Organization). This sudden huge growth in popularity is credited to Asian travelers returning from North America and Europe with a newfound knowledge of and thirst for coffee. Also, globalization of popular Western chains into the Eastern hemisphere includes big name coffee corporations such as Starbucks, which is inevitably expanding throughout several parts of Asia. Recent coffee consumption growth has had its highest rates in Asian countries, primarily China, Japan, and Indonesia …show more content…
Coffee is currently most popular in Europe, Australia, and North and Central America. The top ten coffee consumers per capita are all located in Europe, and The Netherlands consume the most coffee per capita worldwide, at an average of 2.41 cups per person a day in 2013 (Statista). Coffee is expected to grow in popularity the most in Asia, which has developed a newfound appreciation for the drink in the past 25 years and is only growing from there. By the year 2020, China is expected to match the consumption levels of the United Kingdom and Indonesia is predicted to surpass France in coffee demand. Coffee has been extremely popular in Europe, Canada and the United States for the past 300 years, and it is highly likely that it will remain an extremely utilized commodity for many years to

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