Descriptive Essay About A Place Dunkin Donuts

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Don’t you just love the small of coffee in the morning? Do you ever need that extra push to start off your day? There are many great places that come to mind where you can get this great luscious treat, but one in particular should outshine the rest, Dunkin’ Donuts. This is a great and not so unhealthy place to go if you’re ever in a hurry or just want to take the time and eat something. They have a big menu variety starting from cold/ hot drinks to sweets or sandwiches from the bakery. There are many locations you can go to, the closest location to me is located on Waters Ave and Sheldon Rd. The company mission statement clearly sets out a continued emphasis on growth and market leadership: ‘Our dream for the future is to be among the world’s most recognized and respected brands” (Schmidt, 1999). Despite its …show more content…
On a warm sunny day where you can see the light blue sky with the beautiful white puffy clouds and where you feel that warm air brushing against your skin, you can also see the palm trees and puffy green trees that surround the Dunkin’ Donuts, this makes it a beautiful sight to look at. On a dark stormy day where the city is overwhelmed by rain and everyone is feeling gloomy, you see and feel the air that makes the trees sway back and forth going harder and faster. Although rain is coming down the atmosphere in the building still feels warm and welcoming. As soon as you step foot into the building, you are welcomed by an employee who usually says, “Hello, how are you doing today?” with a smile on their face by this, you feel ecstatic for the time you are there. No matter how the weather may be like, you can’t take away the charm the building has. You can be driving by one day, not having any intentions of stopping when suddenly you see the palm trees, Winn Dixie, and Walgreens, then you know the Dunkin Donuts is coming right up and you can’t help but stop and grab a

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