Creative Writing: Another Day On The Plantation

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It was just another day on the plantation. A meager breeze rolled through the willow trees, the sun was shining down on a blazing summer day glistening down on John Horbeck as he stood upon his perfectly-painted, white deck in which wrapped around his stupendous house. He stood watching, scrutinizing every move of the diligent slaves he possessed. This was his plantation, everything had to be flawless. The bricks had to be made precisely and the pecans had to be picked meticulously. There ceased to be any room for failure on Mr. Horbeck’s plantation. Within the dirt-floor slave shacks, many slaves resided, sometimes families. One of the smallest shacks, decaying and falling apart, only had one bed, a stove, and a kerosine lamp set delicately …show more content…
I’ll be right back. Watch from behind the trees.” Nancy then proceeded to walk to the front steps of the impressive house. When she knocked, almost immediately a maid answered the door. Betty and Ben couldn’t hear a word that was being said, as they were at least half of a mile away.
“Momma, who’s house is this?” Ben curiously asked.
“We don’t know, baby. We’re just getting some more food for us.” Betty kept a close eye on her sister. After the maid left the front door, a burly man with blonde, shining hair took her place. It seemed as though the man was sternly yelling at Nancy. Instantaneously, the man grabbed Nancy and held on with an unyielding grip. Betty could hear Nancy screaming, “Betty, help!” Betty knew she couldn’t risk Ben’s life, as well as hers. Although it pained every nerve in her body to see her sister be mistreated, she took Ben’s hand and began to run.
Behind her, she could hear the man ordering his servants to chase Betty and Ben. “Benjamin, I want you to run as fast as you can.”
“Momma I can’t run any faster,” Ben replied as he gasped for air. Betty stopped and used all of her strength to pick Benjamin up and hold him with a substantial grip. With the men on their tail, Betty knew this might be the
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Harriet Tubman. I was walking the path when I seen you and your little guy running from those men. I took cover under the bridge, hoping to help you out. I’m a conductor.”
“Thank you so much, Ms. Tubman. They took my sister. I can’t go back, of course. We were just trying to get some food.” Betty explained while crying.
“I understand, Miss. Here, take some of my biscuits. I always keep some with me,” Harriet said as she pulled four biscuits from her pocket. “Those men are long gone now, so you need to keep going. I will go with you.”
Betty became overwhelmed with gratitude. “I am forever indebted to you, Ms. Tubman.”
After waiting for a few more minutes, all three discreetly continued on the journey. If it weren’t for Harriet, Benjamin and Betty would have been captured, just as Nancy was. Betty was unsure of how to express how grateful she was.
After one more week of travel, Harriet, Betty, and Ben reached a final destination: New York. The new ability to be able to experience freedom fulfilled Benjamin and Betty’s soul. They were saved from the wrath of Mr. Horbeck. On account of the adventure, Betty and Ben learned many new values such as perseverance and the advances of taking risks. If it weren’t for Betty’s willingness to do whatever to keep her family safe, her and her son would live on to be

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