Essay On My First Real Job

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My first real job was working at a franchise restaurant. Working at this franchise was the worst job I ever had. I started working the summer of 2012. I wanted to have extra cash in my pocket, so when I get to college I would have money to be able to pay for my books and whatever else I needed to pay at school. Also, to have extra money to help my family with anything around the house. Therefore I applied to Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts is a highly known franchise in the United States of America that I first starting working for. I never really knew of Dunkin Donuts and never went to eat there, until one day that I was really desperate to start earning money and decided to apply. I started working and it quickly became the worst job I could have ever imagined. I had to wake up at 6am until 3pm, 6 days a week a 9 hour shift. With the unpleasantness of rude customers, the numerous tasks …show more content…
They didn’t know how to handle conflict the correct way a manager should handle it. There was one time in my job where I dropped a cup of coffee due to the rush hour at that time we were all extremely and as I went to hand it to the customer it felt. I dropped the coffee on the floor and the manager simply came and scolded me and said, “Can’t you be more careful!?” Then another day I guess this day everything was going wrong for me and other fellow employees. We were putting away merchandise filling everything up to have everything ready for the rush. One of the employees accidentally dropped an orange juice and it spilled all over the floor and our manager flipped out and started yelling, “Pay attention to what you’re doing!” The question I always had was, how can someone treat others with such discouragement? With such a bad heart? I believe a manager should take a course on how to become an effective manger and learn how to treat their

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