The Benefits Of Continuing Professional Development For Healthcare Professionals

This assignment discusses and explains the benefits of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for healthcare professionals, patients and the profession itself.
The health care and professional’s council (HCPC) is a regulatory body that protects the public (HCPC, n.d). They go about doing this by keeping a register of health and care professionals who meet their standards for their professional skills and training (HCPC, n.d). They operate by meeting various objectives such as publishing a public register of qualified members of the professions, approving and maintaining CPD, dealing with complaints; in turn taking appropriate action, collaborating with the public and other professional bodies and endorsing awareness of the goals
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This is also to ensure that effective and safe practice is being put into place by the professionals that the HCPC regulate. The two types of standards that they produce are generic and profession- specific standards that explain the responsibilities (HCPC, 2012).
Standard of Conduct, Performance and Ethics
This standard delivers a very important role in helping the HCPC come to conclusions about the character of people who apply for the HCPC. Moreover, it is vital for them to decide weather someone is fit to practise or not. These values provide expectations of how the public and professional registrants should perform (HCPC, 2012). For instance, the first three ethical standards are, ‘you must act in the best interest of service users, you must respect the confidentiality of service users and you must keep high standards of personal conduct’ (Narey, 2014).
Standard of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Continuing professional development is where health and care professionals maintain and develop their learning and knowledge throughout their career. CPD gives the professionals the advantage in their own practice as well as the reputation of the profession. The CPD assessors review the CPD profiles and situation and measure it against the HCPC’s continuing professional development standards (HCPC,
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The advantages of CPD for healthcare professionals is that it provides continuous learning and gaining constant knowledge about the standards that are set. They can go about doing this by reading peer reviewed journals and completing a postgraduate degree, for instance, (Gawugah, Jadva- Patel, Jackson, 2011). Undertaking CPD enables professionals to gain more knowledge, which will lead to more promotions in turn more responsibility, therefore moving up the band system.
Another benefit is that all the healthcare professionals will be at the same level and can collaborate well as a team, in turn delivering effective care towards the patient. For example, this can be done by attending departmental meetings (Gawugah, Jadva- Patel, Jackson, 2011). Moreover, the healthcare professionals can understand each other better, which will encourage enhanced teamwork skills, therefore the workforce will improve. Further, this means that when they deliver treatment they will feel more satisfied with their

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