Health Care Policy Reflection Paper

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My coursework has endowed me with a deeper sense of the professional and ethical standards necessary to uphold within a professional healthcare organization. The prime reason for this, after all, is that I, as a healthcare provider, am not only working with people (i.e. healthcare personnel and consumers), but I am serving an often vital role to those in need. Thus, my professional and ethical standards, i.e. my standards for how healthcare organzations should be run, and my standards for evaluating their quality and social benefit, become of critical importance. They are essential components of one’s profession in the field of health care, and they cannot be shirked to the side.
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In this course, I learned more about health care policy in relation to the political as well as socio-economic contexts in which it emerges. In other words, I learned that the healthcare organization is not a singular, isolated, unchanging monolith of institution but rather, a constant work in progress; constantly molded and adjusted to befit local/state/federal law as much as the specific health- and financial- needs of the population that it sserves. A healthcare system basically needs to be designed to meet the needs of its target population and policy which neglects them is doomed to fail at serving that …show more content…
It is to forego even the very questions of how a healthcare organization operates, or how it could do better to service those who need it; who must inevitably deal with policy when it is implemented, whether or not it is to their benefit. This is, at least, something crucial that I gathered through my coursework in HCA 6260: Health Care Policy Analysis.
Another course which I think made a significant contribution to my professional and ethical standards in healthcare was HCA 6280: Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care. In this class I learned a great deal about the modern day legal issues and regulations affecting healthcare organizations. But I also learned about some of the predominant ethical consideration in the field of healthcare law, and about the long history of (ethical) divergence between healthcare policy makers on the matter of a more equiable healthcare system. Consider the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for instance.

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