Capstone Reflection In Nursing

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Capstone Reflection

As I reflect on the past two years of the education that I have participated in, I am excited about the conclusion and completion of my Bachelor of Nursing Science (BSN) degree. I have long anticipated completing my BSN. Twenty plus years ago I was accepted into the University of Washington nursing program, but was positioned as third on the waitlist. Unfortunately, I did not move off the waitlist to start in that BSN program. I subsequently enrolled in and completed my Associate Nursing degree (ADN) at the local community college. Thus, I am at the finalization of my original goal, which is a satisfying accomplishment for me. The program at Seattle Pacific University (SPU) has been challenging in ways that I had not
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I participated in a discussion just a few days ago with a fellow nurse and a nurse anesthetist regarding respecting staff and ensuring patient safety. We were able to come up with an approach to heighten patient safety and recognize the value of everyone’s role in patient care. Another colleague asked for my assistance in developing a tool to aid nurses in planning for staffing. The tool we created will provide the documentation necessary for increased staffing on days when patient acuity is higher than normal. It informs management of the obstacles that we anticipate and allows for increased focus on patient care. It is clear my colleagues value my input and seek out my guidance. The BSN program taught me the significance of being a nurse leader and an advocate for nursing. At work I am vocal and generate projects to improved patient care and safety, communication among staff, and instigating effective system changes. I recently elevated a concern to management with suggestions in regards to patients having the proper post surgery medical equipment at home. My initiation of this issue exposed several system glitches that could cause adverse repercussions for the patient. I did not realize the importance of being a nurse leader until participating in the BSN …show more content…
My career plan for the next one to five years is pursuing medical knowledge and skills. I plan to study and pass the certificated ambulatory Peri-anesthesia (CAPA) examination by the end of 2016. I will expand myself by securing a per-diem position in the Urgent Care at Group Health. This will add to my proficiency in nursing, which is a value of mine. In addition, there are several continuing education (CE) classes that I am interested in attending. I feel it is my duty to my patients to increase my knowledge. Another value of mine is eating a well-balanced nutritional diet and encouraging others to do so. I have a desire to understand why people choose unhealthy diets. I believe that a portion of the general public does not have the knowledge to establish the necessary habits to sustain healthy outcomes. I am completing a nutrition course that I began prior to enrolling in this BSN program. I plan to complete this course by June 2017. Being able to contribute to a patient’s general health status is at the core of nursing. This is one reason nursing is of interest to me. I believe in educating and connecting with patients to assist them in making healthy choices resulting in better outcomes for their

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