Alabama Educator Code Of Ethics Platform Analysis

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An Educational leader has an awesome responsibility. There are many challenges as well as opportunities to address. Critical to being successful is the ethical compass which guides your decision making. Every decision should be made for the common good. To assist in my efforts to establish an Ethical Platform, I will compare and contrast the Code of Ethics for Alabama, Georgia, Alaska and the Alabama Career Technical Education Association (ACTEA). In addition honesty, persistence and caring will be the foundation of my ethical platform.
The Code of Ethics for all three school districts and the professional organization basic foundations are similar. Each emphasizes guidelines to professional behavior. They all address proper conduct
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To achieve excellence you must be persistence. It is about staying focus through completion. Persistence is becoming the Michael Jordan of your craft. Becoming the standard that others emulated. Application. By engaging in professional development and staying abreast of the trends in education provides an example of a life-long learner. I will continue to improve to encourage my staff to pursue excellence in education. I will provide opportunities of professional development for all staff members. Shared planning times, collaboration, and professional learning communities will be a hallmark of my practice.
Connection. Persistence is identified with Alabama Educator Code of Ethics Standard 1: Professional Conduct. It includes engaging in learning experiences necessary in professional development to encourage student learning.
Caring. This means to treat others as you want to be treated including but not limited to your children, mother, brother, sister etc. In an educational environment it is important to show your students and staff that you care. People want to be valued. When people sense they matter and have a sense of belonging it creates a productive work

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