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  • Importance Of Emmy Awards

    An Emmy Award recognizes excellence in the television industry. It corresponds to the Grammy Award for music, the Academy Award, or the Oscar for film and the Tony Award for theatre. Winning all four is referred to as the grand slam or “EGOT” coined by actor Philip Michael Thomas who said his acronym originally stood for energy, growth, opportunity and talent. Only 12 people have achieved this. Directly off the Emmy website, The Emmy Awards were conceived in 1948 and its founding fathers struggled to name the awards. Something interesting I found was that the awards were supposed to be named “Immy’s”, but was feminized as “Emmys” to match the statuette. The first award ceremony was in 1949 and the awards were given to Los Angeles area programming.…

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  • Elia Kazan's Lifetime Achievement Award

    Eric Sze Mrs. Herzman English 11H/Period 6 September 10, 2015 Elia Kazan’s Lifetime Achievement Award was Justified You have probably heard of or seen A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront, or East of Eden, but did you know they were all directed by a man named Elia Kazan? He is most famous for the movies that he has directed and his contributions to the film industry. He was one of the most prominent film directors in the 20th century, and was awarded the lifetime achievement award for…

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  • Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award Case Study

    is a high honor for any organization to be nominated, let alone receive the Malcolm Baldridge Quality Award. When an organization receives this designation they are stating that they are one of the best in the country in terms of quality care. Patients and customers will except to receive this quality treatment whenever they visit that location that has received this prestigious award. In 2015 one of the best hospitals in the United States received this prestigious award. That hospital is the…

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  • Always There Award

    My mom is the unchallenged winner of the Always There award! No matter what is going on in my life, she is right there for me. If I have a problem or make a mistake she is reading my mind and has a solution. I am so appreciative of everything she has done for me. She even works at my school and one of the reasons she does this is to be closer to me. I love her so much and the best feeling in the world is knowing she feels the same about me. The Always There award expresses the way my mom works…

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  • Sunshine Award

    I 've recently had the honor of being nominated for the Sunshine Award by Carol Preibis from Ahh The Simple Life. It’s an “award” one blogger gives to other bloggers “who are positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” Thank you so much Carol! It really means a lot! And sorry for taking so long to follow up. How Does the Sunshine Award Work? According to the rules, a nominee should: Thank the person who nominated you. Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.…

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  • The Giraffe Award By Jerry Foster

    Have you ever thought of wanted to win an award for being an outstanding person? The Giraffe Award is given to people based on a certain criteria. They are given to people that make the world a better place and go way beyond others. Therefore, to receive the Giraffe Award a person must take on significant risks, act out of caring, and go above and beyond their call of duty. Because he took a personal and financial risk, acted out of caring, and went above and beyond the call of duty, Jerry…

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  • Essay On Participation Awards

    Participation awards; Should we protect kids with Participation awards? Nancy starts of the passage with a strong quote, “Life isn’t always fair.” That’s straight up the truth. Kids shouldn’t get a participation trophy or awards for sports or competitions. For anything at all. It sends the opposite message to the kids who did try their absolute top game, unlike the participators, mopping around. Like James Harrison says, “I'm not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe that they…

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  • The Importance Of Participation Trophys

    Participation trophies have mounted to become a notably debated topic because many wonder if participation trophies are not beneficial to the kids that receive them, or merely just taking up space in children’s rooms. Author Ashley Merryman elaborated on these opinions in a bold declaration against participation awards. The opposing point of view suggests that participation trophies do more good than bad in a competitive society. Contributing their word to the conversation, Eric Priceman and…

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  • Essay On The Courage To Care Award

    ADL honors four people to give them “The Courage To Care Award”. The courage to care award is a special award give to honor rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust era. The Holocaust is the time of 1941-1945 where Jews in Europe were persecuted, discriminated, and sent to concentration camps where they were forced to worked in horrible conditions. he Jews weren’t the only people being killed homosexuals, gypsies, disable people ,etc were all targeted. The Germans and Adolf Hitler were the caused…

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  • What's Wrong With Giving Children Participation Trophys?

    described their bold opinions concerning the topic of participation awards, allowing me to decide my view of these awards: allowing kids to be encouraged by participation awards is useful in young kids taking part in different activities. Parker Abate claims within his article “In Youth Sports, Participation Trophies Send a Powerful Message” that participation trophies help kids remember that teamwork with peers allows one to succeed in life and that succeeding doesn’t always mean coming in…

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