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  • Flight 1502

    This report is about an in-flight breakup of the Sealed Composite’s SpaceShip Two during a test flight. The test flight and accident occurred on October 31, 2014 at 1007:32 Pacific daylight time over an area near Koehn Dry Lake, California. It encompasses background information of the aircraft involved, the pilots, and the type of test flight as well as the intended results. Sections of this report will also explain the actual crash to include elements and findings of the accident investigation. The information referenced comes from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Aircraft Accident Report – AAR# 1502 PB2015-10545. The findings and probable causes will be presented along with the recommendations of the NTSB accident investigation. The accident involves an aircraft built for Virgin Galactic called SpaceShip Two that would allow for suborbital travel for civilian passengers. This particular test was the fourth powered flight test and did involve one fatality. The accident investigation tends to center around the premature unlocking of the feather lock assembly during the boost phase of the test flight. As with any aircraft accident investigation, there is not just one single cause for an accident. As the investigation digs deeper there are contributing factors…

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  • The Airplane's Impact On Human Society

    (History of Flight Medicine) Physicians routinely made trips in hot air ballons to make observations of the effects of flight on the human body. “Exposures to higher and higher altitudes for longer and longer durations slowly increased understanding (sometimes with disastrous consequences) of medical conditions such as hypoxia, decompression sickness, hypothermia, frostbite, and cosmic radiation exposure.” (History of Flight Medicine) While these early tests were conducted using the only…

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  • Raymond Wang Essay

    “Wang said he decided to tackle the problem when he discovered that few people in the airline industry were actively working on ways to improve the quality of airplane air” (Brown). During flight, many pathogens come on board with the passengers such as: Influenza, Sars (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), Tuberculosis, H1N1(Swine Flu), Meningococcal disease, and Ebola. “Wang referenced two cases of these viruses spreading on a plane, with the H1N1 flu virus spreading it to 17 other travelers…

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  • What Are The Wright Brothers Important To Aviation

    to create a controlled flight of a power driven airplane. This completely changed the game in aviation. It taught others new and safer techniques on how to fly. During this time they were at the top in aviation. They both became very successful in their business and were able to sell many airplanes to both the United States and Europe. It took a lot of work and perseverance to get to this point in their lives. During their childhood, the brothers developed a lifelong love for aviation.…

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  • Importance Of Safety In Aviation

    by geese shortly after takeoff. An easy but pricey solution is put sensors on the back, nose, wings, and top regions of the airplane, in order to avoid objects like birds. It is similar technology that is already built-into warplanes to avoid surface-to-air missiles. On the task of weather, this is the airlines problem, they appear to care more about the money than the passengers. It puts extra pressure on the pilots to go through even lightning, sometimes this does not work and the results…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To Puerto Rico

    To be honest, we could have done anything on my last day and I would have been fine with it, all I wanted to do was spend my last hours with my cousins, that I have been able to build great relationships with. I made every second count enjoying every last one, first we went to a fancy restaurant, then we explored an old castle and learned all types of things about the history of it and Puerto Rico, and finally, we finished off our day in San Juan looking out into the crystal clear ocean at a…

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  • Parachuting-Personal Narrative

    Reflective Essay This past summer -- 2016 – was beautiful, amazing, fantastic, and I completely loved every second of it. I say this because I did a lot of things in this long vacation like, buy shoes and wallets. Speaking of shoes, I wore yellow Adidas originals when I rode the airplane to do a parachuting activity. Meaning I jumped off a plane, which was really scary. We didn’t even plan to go parachuting, it just happened so suddenly. I hadn’t wanted to go, but I am glad that I did it…

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  • Igor Sikorsky

    the battlefield. Throughout history we can see different methods that nations have used to evacuate their wounded from the battlefield with varying degrees of success. As these methods evolved people learned that the most important factor for survival is always the time it takes to get the wounded to some form of care. In the past, evacuation by ground was really the only way to transport someone and whether it was by a horse drawn wagon or automobile, the speed of the evacuation was always…

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  • My Travel Without My Parents For The First Time

    This caused the nervous feeling to return thinking that our flight will be late and we’ll be stranded in Detroit Airport for the night. Luckily this wasn’t the case, the flight to Detroit was a little late, so we were rushed to the next flight as soon as we landed. I had been flying before, but without my parents the whole experience changed. The times I have travelled with my parents I’m so focused on not feeling like a loser hanging out with my parents that I don’t notice what’s going on…

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  • The Wright Brothers: Pioneers Of Flight

    The Wright Brothers Pioneers of Flight Inventors, determined, and famous are three words often used to describe the Wright Brothers. Many people know the Wright Brothers as great inventors of the airplane, but do not know the determination it took to accomplish greatness. By making it possible to fly, they changed the world, they persevered through challenges to accomplish a dream, and their legacy was being pioneers of flight and bringing airplanes and flying to the world. There was one very…

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