Flood risk assessment

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  • Flood Risk Assessment Essay

    This PhD dissertation presents developed standardized tools for risk assessment which fill in the current gap between rapid, user-friendly tools and sophisticated tools designed for use by scientists and engineers, with respect to flood risk analysis. This research commenced with an identification of major influencing parameters and data used to compute flood hazard and assess community vulnerability. From these results, key components were identified and applications which compute flood hazard and estimate exposure were developed, with a primary impetus on leveraging open source data and minimal user input while incorporating established equations and processes. This is an article-based PhD dissertation, which is presented and supported through…

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  • Hazard And Vulnerability Analysis

    emergencies in Atlanta, Georgia community as discussed earlier. The emergencies include winter storms, tornadoes, and floods. The hazard and vulnerability analysis will focus attention on these hazards, which are highly likely to have a great impact on Atlanta, Georgia community and its facilities. Four categories will be used to place each disaster into perspective. The categories include probability, response, property impact, and human impact. For this paper, vulnerability is defined as…

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  • Precautions In Aged Care

    Rosa Turay has become infected with influenza and an associated chest infection. It will be discussed the modes of spread and the risk in relation to the elderly and the relationship with the patients and professionals in relation to Mrs Turay. Precautions needed in nursing home settings and why it is necessary for all stakeholders, other risk assessments and nursing care required. Also, recommendations or changes that could be made to reduce the risk of complications and resolve the case.…

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  • Fall Risk Assessment

    injury and decrease falls nurses need to communicate with CNA’s at the beginning of their shift and give reports on high fall risk patients and the proper utilization of bed and chair alarm. Also, nurses must assess risks and act accordingly. Most falls occur in the patient’s room while attempting to…

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  • Banqiao Dam Failure Essay

    This meant that all the rain was now dropped in a single area, resulting in more than the region’s annual rainfall of 800 mm to be dropped in 24 hours. This amount of rainfall was completely unprecedented, and was deemed to be a flood that might happen once every 2000 years. In total, Typhoon Nina dropped 1631 mm of water over a 3 day period, far more than the Banqiao and other dams had ever been designed to handle. After the first deluge of water on the first day, all the sluice gates were…

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  • Social Impacts Of The Somerset Flood

    After the flood some long term social impacts include 1,400 homes affected by a loss of power, repairs to power lines were hampered by flood water. 1,300 homes in Wales were also without power showing how the flood event affected a large scale area. Debris including fallen trees and contaminated flood water imposed a health risk on the local people. The A465 (Heads of the Valley Road) was closed at the Hirwaun roundabout after a number of vehicles collided with a fallen tree. Health impacts also…

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  • Root Cause Analysis In Healthcare

    - Screening all patients age 65 and older for future risk falls during admission because this screening will make aware not only the hospital personnel but also the patient and family member in regards the risk and will give the opportunity to get some education in regards how to prevent falls. This measure was welcome not only by the staff but also by the family because the family was feeling that they are part in the treatment process of their loved one. - Assessment of all patients age 65…

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  • Trichloroethylene Essay

    the Camp were exposed to Trichloroethylene, because a well was not tested for contamination (Cassidy, 2013). Trichloroethylene was among the chemicals contaminating the area at Love Canal (Cassidy, 2013). At Dayton Ohio Trichloroethylene, contaminated groundwater around an auto parts facility is evaporating into nearby homes (Cassidy, 2013). The effects of Trichloroethylene exposure will vary among individuals based on length, method, amount of, and age at time of exposure, along with…

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  • Patient Fall Incident Report

    the fall risk assessment commonly used in the hospital setting. My plan is to educate the patient on their risk for falling, and take the Morse fall scale 2-steps farther. What nurses may not know is, inpatient falls are the liability of the hospital and not reimbursed by Center for Medical and Medicaid Service.…

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  • Active Implementation Phase

    tool itself changed. The policy regarding assessing a student who is at risk is to contact the school counselor to assess the situation and if an assessment is needed the school counselor or administrator will contact the school social worker via cell phone. The school social worker along with the school counselor will assess student and follow the necessary steps of the tool. After assessment, a plan of action is executed contingent on the level of risk. A parent or caretaker is always notified…

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