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  • Flint Water Crisis Case Study

    Policy and Background The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has made national headlines throughout the country. Many citizens first heard of the ordeal in late 2015. However, the process began in March of 2013 when the Flint City Council voted to switch water service from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to the Karegnondi Water Authority (Ridley, 2016). The Karegnondi Water Authority was building a new pipe to Lake Huron slated to be completed in 2016 and the City of Flint was eager to take advantage. The city had been in dire financial straits for more than a decade (Doidge et al., 2015) (Sherwin, 2016) and viewed the opportunity to change providers as a financially prudent decision. The trouble did not start until April of 2014 when…

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  • Lead Poisoning In Water: Article Analysis

    “Given the very high lead levels found at one home and the preflushing happening in Flint, I’m worried that the whole town may have much higher lead levels than the compliance results indicated.", stated in "Nobody should have to be living like this". In 2014 Governor Snyder switched the water from the Detroit water system to Flint River not knowing how big of a problem it would be. I believe that the governor and many people knew what they were doing they just didn’t care because it was…

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  • Essay On Harriet Jacob's Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl

    years of her life, symbolizes both the evils of slavery and the blessings of freedom. The garret, otherwise known as the loophole of retreat, measuring 9 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 3 feet sloping, fails to afford Linda with material comfort, consequently, deteriorating her physical and mental health. Lacking ventilation and light, the loophole’s narrow restraint alludes to the calamity of slavery, just as the Flints physically incarcerate Linda to domestic servitude prior to her escape. The…

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  • Roger And Me Sociological Analysis

    Roger and Me Essay When General Motors left Flint, it put many people out of work and out of their homes. People became homeless and struggled to make ends meet. Businesses were forced to close and a lot of the money that was in Flint had left. Flint has tried rebuilding itself, but nothing seems to work. Throughout the film, many sociological ideas are seen like the conflict theory of deviance, the class dominance theory, and urban renewal. Because of General Motors, the city of Flint has never…

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  • Capitalism In Roger And Me

    documentary “Roger and Me” showcases an Ex-journalist Michael Moore on the road to receive more answers on Flint, Michigan and the sudden closing of its General Motors auto plants. With over 30,000 people out of work, the documentary illustrates why our society is critically flawed and how by revealing the true face of capitalism. Moore begins his documentary showcasing home videos; in a voice over Moore describes himself as “kind of a strange child”, and son of a General Motors AC spark plugs…

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  • The Flint Water Crisis In Flint, Michigan

    itself. Especially with Flint, Michigan being all over the news because of the unsafe water issue, most people think of it as another issue going on in the already suffering state. People fail to realize that Flint; Michigan was actually a thriving city at one point because it is where General Motors was founded. The nation fails to realize that Flint is a result of bad policy because the people of Flint, like many other states in America were told, “Demolition Means Progress”. The Flint water…

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  • Flint Crisis

    Mcnair There was a huge crisis going on in Flint, Michigan that was causing a lot of controversy around the United States. Flint was suffering for nearly nineteen months because of a law passed by their governor. Governor Snyder decided to sign a law that changed Flint’s primary drinking water from the Great Lakes to the Flint River so it will save money for flint. Now there is no water that is safe to drink at all in Flint because this now meant that the water will now have a percentage of…

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  • The Flint Water Crisis

    The Flint water crisis is a drinking water contamination issue in Flint, Michigan that started in April, 2014. These past 3 years have been an extremely hard time for Flint residents since they have had no proper drinking or bathing water in 2 years, so residents have been taking a stand against the government by carrying around jugs full of dirty, unsafe drinking water coming from their faucets at home to protest against the inaction of the government. The residents have a lot of courage to be…

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  • Flint A Butterfly Analysis

    Being from Cantatis Saltus, Flint has been a butterfly enjoying the tasty nectars that only his home could provide. However, since being brought to Capulet, Flint has discovered something else even more succulent than his food. Their names are Lucas and Cutter. The problem is they are mates and he is a butterfly. Seeing the two men together is bitter sweet. He's glad they found each other, but Flint can't bare the pain of seeing them come together and not be a part of their lives, so he…

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  • Lead Poisoning In Flint

    the switch in water sources, some Flint residents could not believe what they were hearing. “We thought is was a joke” Rhonda Kelso, a long-time resident, says “People my age and older thought, ‘They’re not going to do that.’” But that’s exactly what happened and the unforeseen consequences would be life altering. “Mom... why is the water brown?” Kelso’s daughter would ask her mother. Kelso would try to avoid the water that she believed was sewage ridden and thought that she was paying for…

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