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  • Evolution Of Gun Actions Essay

    that these could not be shot in the rain. They also discovered that depending on how far the wick was burnt the gun may not fire right away leaving the soldiers unaware of if the gun would fire and when. (Supica) (Firearms history) The next rifle solved some of these problems it was called the wheellock. It took advantage of the fact that you could make a spark with metal and certain rocks and do away with the wick and replace it with a gear system to form a better trigger to get more reliable shots out of the weapon. Unfortunately these guns were hard to fix and cost a lot and did not work the best so the matchlock remained popular during its time. (Supica) (Firearms history) The next guns are flintlock which you all should know were some of the first guns in America. The flintlock held a flint in the hammer and when the trigger is pulled the flint strikes the steel sending spark into the flash pan to fire the gun. several improvements are made on this design like adding a cover to the flash pan that mechanically moves out of the way when you shoot. They also started adding rifling to the barrels of the rifles to improve accuracy as well as adding sights, but the military did not use these because they thought it would take longer to reload and the soldiers were so close in the first place that they did not need accurate sights they should just aim for the line of enemy soldiers. (Supica) (Firearms history) They then made percussion caps which at first worked with a lot…

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  • USModel Percussion Pistol 1842: Henry Aston Middleton, Conn.

    different country than today because the Aston/Johnson martial pistol shows how much different guns and the country was a century and a half ago. The U.S Model 1842 Percussion Pistol today cost about $400 -$1500 estimate. The significance of these pistols is that they saw service in the Civil war and the Mexican war. Henry Aston was a former employee of the Simeon North at Springfield Armory and this is where his manufacturing career began. Henry Aston was a manufacturer for the United States…

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  • Fortunate Hunt Essay

    The Cherokee nation tells a story to their children about the origins of hunting. In the story, Kanati or “Fortunate Hunter,” teaches his twin sons a lesson after they comment a careless act with the animals of the forest. The story ends with Kanati telling his children that they must always be careful when dealing with nature, and they must always think before they act while in the wilderness. To the Natives, hunting was extremely labor intensive and great skill was required to bring meat back…

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  • Analytical Essay: Weapons Used In The Revolutionary War

    Many different weapons were used in the Revolutionary War. Each side of the war preferred different tactics. With different tactics came different weapons, and each weapon had its positives and negatives. Wars usually require weapons, soldiers, and tactics; with war comes threats and reasons for fighting. Some of the weapons used in the war were flintlock muskets, rifles, bayonets, hanger swords, and hunting swords(Linda Alchin). The primary gun of the Revolutionary War was the flintlock…

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  • Roanoke Island: Defeat The Spanish Armada

    Researchers found pieces of early gun flintlocks, firearm, a metal hook for stretching animal hides or tents, a small copper tube used to secure wool fibers. These objects support the idea of the Roanoke people moved in with the Native Americans and that these items were a part of their belongings. Another item that researchers found was a watercolor map most likely made by John White. On the map they found a tiny four pointed star colored in red and blue. The star marked a location that was…

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  • John Moses Brown's Interest In Gun Design

    fabricating his first gun he was only 10, Browning made it out of an old barrel and some scrap wood laying around the shop. Browning used the gun to go hunting some prairie chickens that were roosting around his house. weather it was a overcharge or the rust in the barrel browning and his brother killed 3 chickens with one shot and that where it began. Jonathan Browning (john moses browning 's father) was one of the original settler that settled in ogden. When Jonathan arrived in ogden utah he…

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  • Invention Of Gunpowder

    Many weapons used in warfare were powered by gunpowder. The gun was one of these weapons. The first gun recorded was the fire spear, a weapon that was a normal spear but had a tube at the end. The tube had gunpowder inside of it, and once the gunpowder was lit the explosion would propel a small cannon ball at enemies. This of course evolved into the flintlock pistols and rifles used during the revolution and civil wars, and to the modern firearms we have today. To this day guns still work the…

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  • French Revolution Weapons

    increasing its ability to move it during battle. The next class is the cavalry. Calvary weapons mainly consisted of the typical sword and pistols. The sword, was the last resort weapon for most troops during the time of the French Revolution. Due to their mobility from horseback though, most cavalry troopers used the sword to quickly decimate their opponents due to the mix of the slash of the blade combined with the momentum of their quickness . The light-cavalry typically wielded curved…

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  • Outline On Civil War Weapons

    Yahan Su Mrs. League US History 13 February 2017 Introduction Thesis: Civil War Weapons Civil War is concerned as the first modern war because of the development of weapons. Nowadays, “weapon” usually refers to deadly weapons such as atomic bombs or tanks, and it is impossible for modern army to use sword in the war, but it was not before Civil War. Civil War was the first war to invent different types of weapons, and use them. Body A. Edge Weapons 1. Edge weapons have a long history of…

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  • Great Britain Diary Entry

    All these thoughts are running through my head. What if there are savage indians or big scary Norwegian vikings? What if we aren't safe? The only thing that I have to protect myself is a flintlock and I'm not too accurate. Wait, what if they don't allow guns? That's crazy talk that wouldn't happen in a million years. But what if it does? I'm just going to go to sleep and hope for the best. September 26th, 1628: Today is the day we leave. I am not as nervous as I was last night. In…

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