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  • Systematic Desensitization Case Study

    Systematic-desensitization is an effective behavioral treatment for phobic behaviors. Based on principles of classical conditioning, it is performed by repeatedly exposing an individual to a conditioned stimulus which would normally elicit a phobic response. An exposure hierarchy is established which consists of a series of exposure thresholds with gradually increasing intensity, the individual will progress through each successive threshold until even the most intense exposure no longer elicits a fear response. By this process the classically conditioned fear response undergoes extinction. Even more effective, is the use of systematic-desensitization in combination with operant conditioning. Rather than merely exposing the individual to the conditioned aversive stimulus, they are also exposed to modelling and presented positive reinforcement after successive approach or contact behaviors. The result is that the conditioned fear response undergoes extinction and an approach response is shaped up in its place. In 2006 researchers Riccairdi, Luiselli, and Camadre conducted an evaluation of the efficacy of systematic-desensitization in a developmentally disabled child. Purpose of the Study An important factor to evaluate for the researchers was whether or not escape prevention was essential to the efficacy of systematic desensitization. Because escape prevention can elicit resistance from the individual undergoing desensitization, especially in the case of developmentally…

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  • Flooding In The Coastal Community

    You will never be able to fully prevent flooding in a coastal community located at the mouth of an estuary. It is possible to reduce the damage from flooding that may happen. As well as creating a better future for the community. To do this the community needs to focus on building their businesses, recreational water activities, strategic placement of retention ponds, and creating a system for carpooling. By focusing on these four points the property owners will be able to grow their economy,…

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  • Fieldtrip Report: Wetlands And Flooding

    floods are a huge part of my city 's background and history. For the Fieldtrip Report, I chose to cover wetlands and flooding, found in chapters 11 and 12. The reason I chose to cover these topics is because of where I live and how relatable this research is to me. Just down my road, we have a major wetland that not many people visit, or know about. When Norwegen settlers came, they filled in most of the wetlands in the area. This made it so they were able to make a town and farm on a larger…

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  • Egyptian Astronomy Research Paper

    Egyptian astronomy began in the prehistoric times. The Egyptians knowledge of astronomy helped them contribute to modern day science. The Egyptians were considered “observers of the sky” They are well known for their contribution of the 24 hour day and the calendar. “When the lack of rainfall in North Africa forced a man to abandon his nomadic life as a hunter and settle down near water, he had perforce to become mainly an agriculturist. In eastern North Africa the Nile valley proved to be an…

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  • Ancient Civilization Vs Aksum Empire

    The ancient world was one of daring conquests, ingenious inventions, and destructive downfalls, as the people struggled to adapt to their geography.. The Nile river was the significant natural resource around which Egyptian life was organized. The Nile, one of the longest rivers in the world, starting near Kenya and flowing northeast into the Mediterranean Sea, provided life for the citizens, promoted innovation, and protected the people of Ancient Egypt. Every year this river would flood and…

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  • The Importance Of Flooding In Cedar Rapids

    In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, ten inches of rain fell. One major concern of all the rain was the Cedar River. Thousands of people had to evacuate because of the river flooding at twenty-two feet. City workers, contractors, volunteers and National Guard troops built temporary walls, levees and they laid down 250,000 sandbags to try and prevent any major flooding. The temporary barriers that were put up seemed to prevent major flooding, but the people who live around there are still being advised to stay…

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  • Why Did The Nile Shaped Ancient Egypt Physically?

    Egypt and the Nile A river has shaped a country, but is the country shaped well? Ancient Egypt was a civilization built around the Nile and without the Nile there would be no Ancient Egypt. But how did the Nile shape Ancient Egypt? Culturally? Physically? Maybe even physically. The Nile shaped Ancient Egypt in a lot of ways and especially through crops and flood seasons, transportation and the trade, and jobs and their duties based around the Nile. One big way the Nile shaped Ancient Egypt was…

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  • How The Nile Shaped Egypt

    How the Nile Shaped Egypt In my essay I will be discussing the ways the Nile River shaped the way Egyptians lived. Some details that I plan to cover are the ways the Nile River affected Egyptians’ protection of their territory. I will also discuss the way the Nile shaped the way Egyptians planted and harvested. Finally, I will discuss the way the Nile influenced the types of jobs that Egyptians worked. This is how the Nile River affected Egyptians’ protection of their territory. The Nile is…

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  • The Importance Of The Nile River In Africa

    growth as well as fish. The Nile had thousands of fish that fisherman could catch and sell it at their local market. Some of the fish in the Nile included: tilapia, catfish, and perch. Providing fertile soil is one of the most important role the Nile played in the lives of ancient Egyptians. By providing fertile soil, the river gave a plethora of people to form business and allowed civilizations to grow around the river. Every year, between May and August, the Nile river floods. This causes…

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  • Ancient Egypt: Dear King Hammurabi

    Dear King Hammurabi, Ancient Egypt was very special in ways. Ancient Egypt had resources like the Nile river, had achievements, a government, had a similar daily life, finally religion. The people of Egypt relied on the Nile river.The Nile had resources for the people. The Nile is the longest river in the world and it is 4000 miles long. The river had a bunch of fish to cook and eat. In fact the poor people had to bathe in the Nile while the rich got to bathe in a tub in there house. The…

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