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  • Ultrasonic Technology Case Study

    Ultrasonic Technologies, Inc. (UST) is a small R&D and manufacturing company located in Wesley Chapel, Florida, specializing in ultrasonic quality and process control equipment for solar cells, fuel cells, health and defense industries (www.ultrasonictech.com). Dr. Sergei Ostapenko, President and CEO of the company will serve as a Principal Investigator of the Incubator 11 project. He has many years of experience in technology development, and previously served as PI in NSF and DOE funded projects. The DOE SBIR Phase I and II programs provided seed funding for commercialization of UST’s Resonance Ultrasonic Vibration (RUV) system for solar and fuel cell applications [7, 8]. Proprietary RUV technology [9] was initially developed for photovoltaic…

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  • Sustainable Renewable Energy In The United States

    United States use of energy, there have been millions and millions of dollars spent on energy. Energy is needed to provide the basic needs such as: food, production, transportation, housing manufacturing, construction, and many other things. We depend on so many things, especially in the U.S. Our biggest energy source are the fossil fuels and we are no longer limiting the amounts of how much we use up. I would say we have reached a certain peak in which we have used up all of our fossil fuel…

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  • Nuclear Energy: Past, Present, And Future

    but most worryingly, according to NASA, the past 13 years have had the 13 smallest ice sheets on record (NASA, 2016 Arctic Sea Ice Wintertime Extent Hits Another Record Low). The National Ice and Snow Data Center claims that a loss of the entire Greenland ice sheet could result in a sea level increase of 20 feet, enough to flood many major metropolitan…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Energy Saving Battery

    Crabtree, who directs the Joint Center of Energy Storage Research at Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont Illinois. Starting testing “Sadoway’s group explored replacing the magnesium with lithium which…

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  • Solar Energy: The Benefits Of Renewable Energy

    Energy plays an important part in social and economic develop. As the oil price sharply increases, it stimulates the step of researching the renewable energy field. The advantages of using renewable energy reduce the dependence on fossil fuel resources and carbon emission to the atmosphere. The total incoming solar radiation is about 3.8 million EJ per year and it can satisfy the entire energy demand if utilise correctly [2]. The use of solar energy is usually identified in two contexts: passive…

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  • Solar Energy In China

    One of the main concerns surrounding solar energy is the endangerment of birds that pass over these solar farms. These birds, including threatened and endangered species, often mistake the reflective solar facilities for a body of water, a phenomenon known as the “lake effect.” Honing in on these water bodies, many birds have been fatally singed or crippled due to these desert solar power plants (Upton, 2014). These plants produce a solar flux that is the sum of the focused rays of light…

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  • Solar Lights Research Paper

    5 Main Reasons Your Solar Lights Are Not Performing as Well as New What is the lifespan of solar lights? The questions that are often asked about solar powered lights is how long it can go and how can one prolong the life of solar powered lights as well as ensure they give the best performance. Most of the time, people discover that the quality and performance of their solar lights reduces in a short period. For instance, the light emitted may not be as bright as it used to be. In addition, if…

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  • Zero Carbon Home Research Paper

    In the 21st century, global warming, which is caused by the increase of carbon dioxide gases that forms from burning fuels in the atmosphere, is a serious threat to the Earth. As National Renewable Energy Laboratory (2006) statistics show, energy consumption is done principally by buildings in the U.S. This research intends to decrease the percentage of carbon emission by developing zero carbon homes. Berry,S. et. al. (2013) define zero carbon homes as having no need for fossil fuel for…

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  • How To Build Solar Energy

    MAKING SOLAR ENERGY MORE ECONOMICAL: (SAFETY, WEIGHT BENEFIT, MATERIAL COST AND WOW FACTOR) Noah Garcia, Hongyu Chen, Pablo Bribiesca, Mohammed Ali Our group the Dream Green Team has only one goal in mind. To Make solar energy more economical. To make solar energy more economical a few things can be done. The cost to build solar panels can be decreased, the efficiency can be increased, or the storage of the energy can be more efficient. In the past decade solar panels have been improved…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Alternative Energy

    etc. energy is something that is used all twenty four hours of the day, this makes it easier for energy to be wasted. “The U.S. has an energy efficiency of 42 percent, which means 58 percent of all the energy we produce is wasted!” ( Battaglia, Sarah) There have been very creative ideas of evolving the currently used energy that is at this point depleting, but they have not been put into enough use. Electricity in this generation needs to become more clean and safe, but these attributes haven’t…

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