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  • V. E-Permits

    lateral force is applied to the car. For each foot the water rises up the side of the car, the car displaces 1,500 pounds of water. In effect, the car weighs 1,500 pounds less for each foot the water rises. Most vehicles will float in just 2 feet of water. - 3. Type of flows and danger i. Turbulent Flow (ROUGH) : flow in which the fluid undergoes irregular fluctuations, or mixing. In turbulent flow the speed of the fluid at a point is continuously undergoing changes in both magnitude and direction. Turbulent flow will often cause scouring. ii. Laminar Flow (SMOOTH): the fluid moves in smooth paths or layers II. Regulation A. Floodplain Regulations B. Driveway and Culvert Regulations C. Infrastructure Regulation (section 6.03, A, 4) III. Flowchart A. Review B. Application IV. Reviewing Tools A. AECOP is used for the following research: 1. floodplain information 2. Aerial view of what is being built 3. Road log 4. Identifying the census track 5. Identifying the ground elevation 6. Identify channels 7. Major Thoroughfares 8. Cross section 9. Subdivision plat B. Google Earth is used for the following research: 1. Identify approximately what year a development was built 2. Aerial View of what is being built 3. Street view of what is on site 4. Floodplain information. C. Harris County Clerk page is used to review recorded Plats 1. Identify any restriction that may be listed on the Plat 2. Identify if streets are public or private 3. Identify Building lines 4. Identify property…

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  • Middleboro Physician Care Services Case Study

    When reviewing the Middleboro Physician Care Services case we learn that it is a for-profit corporation that was founded in 2008 and offers non-emergent care services within two locations. One of them at the Alpha center outside of the city limits of Middleboro and the other is at the Beta center in Jasper. Both of these locations offer ambulatory medical care services that are provided on a walk in basis. These centers do not offer any emergency services, and if a patient were to arrive that…

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  • Methods Of Dissemination

    In the same fashion, and of equal importance, the obtained information must be disseminated to stakeholders. The purpose of disseminating evidence is to increase the knowledge and incorporate the use of the evidence-based intervention (Agency for Health Care research and Quality [AHRQ], 2012). According to AHRQ (2012), one must consider how to disperse the information, increase the stakeholder’s motivation to incorporate the evidence, and enable the stakeholders to use and apply the evidence.…

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  • Importance Of Process Design

    Process Design The design and management of accurate processes are the foundation to any operation. Effective process design is the basis for all successful operations management practices; therefore it is important to fully understand it. What is Process Design? Process design involves understanding the characteristics of the product to determine the appropriate manufacturing techniques; it “translates product design into the technical knowledge, organizational capabilities and operating…

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  • Critical Lab Value In Research

    treatment plan. The flowchart process aims to prevent delays in taking actions in responding to critical tests that may have the potential for serious harm to the patient. The process begins when spectra lab calls the clinic with a critical lab value. Once the critical lab value is received from spectra lab the authorized staff such as clinic manager or registered nurse have to receive the information and communicate the critical lab value by writing it down and reading back the lab value to the…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Problem Analysis Paper

    Step1: Start the program Step2: Initialize the nodes by fixing the number of nodes, type of antenna used, type of routing protocol and plotting circumference Step3: Frequency is allocated for the MIMO antennas. Step4: Positioning and plotting the nodes Step5: Base Bandwidth allocation for primary and secondary nodes • Primary network range- 2.4GHz - 2.485GHz • Secondary network range- 433.4MHz - 473MHz Step6: Setting time for node movement to move and setting the destination Step7: Traffic is…

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  • Trinity Industries

    Industries needs to tackle to be successful in the SOX compliance are: • Centralize their financial reporting, billing, payroll, and account payables. • Develop a plan and a team that will involve all the top management of the companies BUs. • Good communication among the team members, consistence, and a detail outline of the project. • Identify where the key processes and controls were performed in the organization. • Work with those employee who are directly related to those controls to get…

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  • Quality Improvement In Health Care Essay

    improvement in healthcare includes faculty in arranging and executing a persistent stream of upgrades to give quality medical services that meet or surpass assumptions. Confined improvement is when a specific group is created to handle at a particular procedure or issue. Authoritative improvement is when the procedure is archived and results in the advancement of strategies and systems are executed. Re engineering takes place when a noteworthy venture is made which combines interior and outer…

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  • Self Reflection Report Sample

    (less than 24 hours old) for an accurate results and the first important step to identify the organisms, this procedure was carried out three times to reconfirm the results. Multiple aseptic subcultures to nutrient agar slants were conducted for the purpose of performing specific biochemical tests to find the identity of each bacterium. Gram stain results determined specific biochemical tests to be completed using Key Appendix H of Microbiology laboratory manual (Johnson et al 475,476). Note…

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  • Bureaucracy Characteristics

    project. Also, if the members can not finish their tasks on time, the leader needs to find out a way to fix. Finally, for each projects, there are three tasks: identifying the problem and coming out a mathematics model, applying the model by programming language and coming out a flow chart, and coding base on that flowchart. There are two written rules during the project for this bureaucracy. First, the project rubric is the mainly rules for each group. They need to follow it to obtain the final…

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