Epigenetic Precautions And Effects Of Plasticizers

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Plasticizers are compounds found in plastic that help provide them their flexibility and softness. They are found in almost any common product, such as, make-up and water bottles. The most commonly used plasticizers are phthalates and adipates. More than a million tons of phthalates are produced each year. Precautions were made to prevent the use of plasticizers in products such as children’s toy throughout the years, due to their potentially harmful effects. In a seminar given on October 9, 2015 by Dr. Mahua Choundhury, Dr. Choundhury discusses the overall effects that plasticizers can have for the body’s processes. She takes an epigenetic viewpoint when discussing the effects of plasticizers. Epigenetics are heritable changes of gene expression …show more content…
It was found that BBP was able to bind to Sert-3. Dr. Choundhury found that BBP disrupts the insulin regulatory pathway by binding to the native ligand of the receptor of a protein that causes insulin to be produced. Insulin helps facilitate the uptake of glucose into muscles and adipose (fat cells) for storage. If insulin is unable to uptake glucose, it will cause for the stimulation of fat in adipose tissue, which can cause obesity and diabetes. BBP was also found to induce adipogenesis. The process of adipogenesis leads to cell differentiation of fat cells. The function of this process is to control energy balance by storing fats when energy is excess or depleting it during energy deprivation. Adipocytes, or fat cells, secretes lipids, and can “collectively regulate appetite and insulin sensitivity” (At, Ali), which can overall cause obesity. It was also seen from on of Dr. Choundhury’s researchers that when treated with BBP, stem cells are more likely to change into fat cells. Stems cells have the ability to potentially develop into different types of cells. Under certain conditions these cells can become tissue or organ-specific cells, such as muscle, skin, liver, or in this case fat cells. It was also noticed by the researcher that there was an increase in the amount of formation in lipid

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