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  • Supervisor On Duty Case Study

    exhausted and I could not safely go without medication for the rest of the month. This time, I went to the CBP office prior to entering Mexico so that I could get prior authorization from the Supervisor on Duty. I discussed my situation with Supervisor Regnava and showed her my documents. I referred to the CBP release dated 04/22/2015 as confirmation that I should be allowed to enter the U.S. with my medication. Supervisor Regnava was a delight to work with and should be commended for her knowledge and professionalism. I told her that I would return with just a one-month supply (less than the 50 allowed) and she stated that she would be near the point of entry to make sure I was passed through. I purchased a one-month supply in Los Algodones and returned to the Andrade port of entry within about 30-minutes. Upon entering, I got in the first line available. Officer Hill recognized me and singled me out, telling me to leave that officer’s line and come to his station. I did so and immediately told him that I had already spoken with Supervisor Regnava and been approved for entry. Officer Hill asked what I had with me and I answered “Medicine.” Officer Hill mocked my answer and became verbally abusive. I asked for the Supervisor On Duty as well as his name and badge number. He refused to both requests, which I repeated a couple more times before he finally acquiesced. He told me “Stay Here!” so that I would not be privy to his discussion with Supervisor Regnava.…

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  • Romeo And Juliet And West Side Story Comparison

    Film Adaptations: Romeo and Juliet (1968) and West Side Story (1961) Many films have been created based on novels and play scripts. Plays have transitioned from performances on stage to the big cinema screens. Since many legendary play scripts were created before our century, American film directors had to ask themselves, “How can an older piece of work interest the audience of today?”. Directors found it challenging to express an original piece of work while attempting to interest the minds…

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  • Examples Of Transition From Adolescence Into Adulthood

    Rites of passage have been used by almost all cultures since the beginning to mark the transition an individual takes from youth to adulthood. In many ancient cultures it has involved ceremonies often religious in nature. In typical modern day American society, the movement from adolescence to adulthood also comes with certain rites of passage. In the late teen years many youths have the desire for more independence. Many will get an afterschool job; this gives them some financial freedom. Next…

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  • Summary: The Representation Of Blacks In Hollywood Cinema

    Introduction The representation of Africa and African people in popular American media has been a major concern in academic disciplines and the subject of numerous books and essays. Many scholars and activists have written about this issue seeking to introduce new knowledges and methodologies into the debate while taking into account the overwhelming evidence of the colonial influence on these representations. The debates and arguments are not restricted to Hollywood films (although Hollywood…

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  • Social Disorganization Theory: Why Youth Join Gangs

    Trying to address the question of why youth join gangs requires the examination of multiple factors, and preferably, multiple theories. Social disorganization theory explains that the place where an individual grows up matters – disordered neighborhoods lead youth to join gangs. Due to its overemphasis on disorganization within neighbourhoods, however, social disorganization theory is not able to assess every factor that causes youth to join gangs. In this paper, I argue that youth join gangs…

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  • Gus And Liere: Documentary Analysis

    Ross Kemp has made documentaries since October of 2006 including several series about extreme hardships in India, Gangs in New Zealand, South Africa, Los Angeles and more. Ross Kemp was a British actor turned investigative journalist and is best known for his documentary series called Ross Kemp on Gangs. It’s an award winning T.V. series that focused on gangs and gang violence in different parts of the world. It originally aired on U.K. television but also aired in the U.S. under a different…

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  • 1940s Film Industry Analysis

    Before the 1940s, Hollywood and the Studio System, was one that carried the American Film Industry to new heights and brought on different visions from aspiring filmmakers and film companies. What was once just a convenient place to escape the grasp and control of The Trust, became the place to be during the 1920s. Hollywood was thriving with the system it created. The Big Five film companies created movies that made those years the Golden Age of Hollywood. But of course a system that gave the…

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  • Drawing Vs Street Art

    behind it. Paintings in Los Angeles are very beautiful and there should not be any problem with having nice paintings or drawing in the walls. I think its okay to have drawings in Los Angeles because a lot of people from all over the world go there and like to look around and explore How Los Angeles really is. Art is a really outstanding when you know that it is something that a artist drew out of there feelings or emotion or simply what they have been growing threw in their life. Yes, it would…

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  • Gangs In San Salvador

    Many of these gangs were formed and originated by Latinos in Los Angeles as a reaction to issues like social exclusion. A large topic of social exclusion experienced by the Latino community is that of their exclusion from justice and economic and physical security. Without access to a basic system of justice, people look to other people to help protect themselves and their communities. As Heather Berkman (2007) says, “Within such communities, residents cannot depend on those institutions…

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  • Why Teenagers Join Gangs Essay

    Teens join gangs for a variety reasons from families, schools, friends, to what city they live in. Gangs are everywhere, even some of the nicest cities. Peer pressure, family, protection, and boredom are the main reasons I noticed that teens join gangs. In reflecting upon my own adolescence and witnessing teens joining gangs, I believe that all these reasons are closely associated. It seems as though gangs have no boundaries it affects the poor and the rich, small towns, suburbia, and some of…

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