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  • Informative Essay On Los Angeles Clippers

    Does that make you stronger or does that give you the realization that maybe this particular thing you’re doing is not for you. The Los Angeles Clippers have been the laughing stock of professional sports for over 40 years. They have made the playoffs 11 times in their 44 years as a franchise. Does it get worse for them? Yes, they happen to share a market and an arena with one of the most decorated sports franchise in all of sports, the Los Angeles Lakers who in 67 years have missed the playoffs six times and won 16 championships.…

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  • Freedom Of Speech Controversy Essay

    was banned from the NBA for life, fined 2.5 million dollars and was forced to sell the Clippers by commissioner Adam Silver for his bigoted remarks (Gittens, 2014, n.p.) He took the punishment to the California Second Court of Appeals in which the judges ruled against him in that he had to sell the team. Sterling was the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers at the time he made the comments. The free speech concepts that this controversy involves is hate speech. If this was a Supreme Court case,…

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  • Freedom Of Speech Should Not Be Offended Essay

    bandanas. It was May 5th, and the holiday Cinco De Mayo was being celebrated. Because of the large population of Hispanic students in the school, the administrators were afraid of a fight breaking out because of the clothing these students wore. After the students refused to remove the clothing that was perfectly acceptable any other day, they were sent home. A man named Steven Fry said, “It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ as if it gives them certain rights.”…

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  • John Hegwood Interview Report

    major division 1 programs letters came in nonstop at an alarming rate of 150 per week. With a lot of thought and careful study he chose to attend the University of San Francisco which was the number one school in the nation at the time. During his four years there he was a first team West Coast Athletic Conference player and was named an All American where he also played alongside Bill Cartwright of the NBAs Chicago Bulls. One of his greatest experiences was when he played in the March Madness…

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  • Location And Obscure Property Case Study

    Location and Secure Property: The city of Los Angeles, California has two separate approaches regarding the business of sport and sport participation in its city. On one side, Los Angeles is a city engulfed with the reputation of being a city filled with high-profile professional sport teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, and the newly relocated Los Angeles Rams. With the city having such an array of different sport and entertainment venues, this is a great opportunity…

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  • Free Narrative Essays: Police Prejudice And Racism In Arizona

    One week ago a man named Chase Armione died due to police brutality, the cop was not charged. Many people in Atlanta are very upset. There is going to be a protest going down this Saturday. JJ’s first game was coming up this Saturday in Atlanta when the Los Angeles Clippers come into town. Police warned the city of Atlanta that all protesting will not be allowed due to the fact that the Hawks are…

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  • Biography Of Patrick Kearney

    Patrick Wayne Kearney was born on September the twenty fourth on ,1939 in Los Angeles California. He was the oldest of three boys, he was raised in a reasonable stable family. Kearney lived a trauma free life. Throughout his early age he was a thin sickly child who was often a target for bullies at school. As a teenager he became unsociable and fantasized about killing people. He was born in East Los Angeles yet though he still lived in texas for some time. Kearney moved back to California after…

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  • Narrative Essay On Gangs

    A Beautiful Yet Destructive Creation Not all street gangs are made for wrong doing. Many people might think down on the creation of gangs but it is a part of survival in their region. Street gangs, which pull peers into gangs for protection and social status, assemble to protect their neighborhood, family and friends from other street gangs thus causing rising crime rate and innocent people dying because of this. First off, there are a few definitions for gangs because authorities had a hard…

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  • Golden Gulag Analysis

    formulated as a cause and effect analysis that attempts to unearth the motive force behind the construction of prisons in the state of California. More importantly, the author carefully presents four prevailing concepts that can be utilized to further understand the dynamic relationship between crimes, the fluctuation of laws and maintaining social stability through control. In addition, the author focuses on different time periods ranging from the late 1960’s to the early 2000’s, in order to…

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  • Analysis Of Monster By Sanyika Shakur

    In Sanyika Shakur’s memoir, Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member, the audience follows the events that transform Monster Kody Scott into Sanyika Shakur. While writing his memoir from prison, the book starts in 1975 with his graduation from elementary school and initiation into the Crips. His initiation included a brutal beating from fellow Crips members, which immediately followed his first gang shooting against the Bloods. At the age of thirteen, Kody Scott earned the nickname…

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