Location And Obscure Property Case Study

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Location and Secure Property:

The city of Los Angeles, California has two separate approaches regarding the business of sport and sport participation in its city. On one side, Los Angeles is a city engulfed with the reputation of being a city filled with high-profile professional sport teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, and the newly relocated Los Angeles Rams. With the city having such an array of different sport and entertainment venues, this is a great opportunity for families to enjoy their city, community, and family with fun and entertaining pastimes. However, even though attending and watching a game is fun, there is not any fun that equates to actually participating in sports. On the other side, Los Angeles
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During our search for our investor for our company, we wanted a person who is well known within the extreme sports industry, has an already established brand, and who is passionate about being a part of a new and first of its kind facility within the city of Los Angeles. In our search, we found a well known and passionate extreme sports athlete, Rob Dyrdek. Dyrdek is a 21-time Guinness World Record holder and world renowned professional skateboarder (The Richest). The company decided to reach out to Dyrdek because of his passion for sports since his start in the business at the age of 16. Since Dyrdek introduction into professional competitive sports, he has been the brand ambassador to clothing and equipment brands, had three television shows on the MTV network that centered around extreme sports, and is an entrepreneur in his own right (The Richest). Therefore, with a 15 million dollar investment and a 15% stake in our company, Dyrdek will bring invaluable business and financial knowledge to ensure a successful partnership and …show more content…
The inception of Clif Bar, which was started by Gary Erickson, was started when the owner had an idea to start his business while taking a 175-mile bike ride (Clif Bar). Clif Bar is a brand built on the mission of fueling athletes and everyday people who love to be active and engaging in all types of sports and Elements Extreme sports facility fits within this mission of getting any and everybody involved in sports. Our sponsorship with Clif Bar would bring the company $5 million dollars in revenue. The revenue brought in by the sponsorship will benefit both companies because Clif Bar will be able to promote and test new products in our facility and Extreme Element Sports facility will advertise Clif Bar in their facility, during any major event, and marketing material. In addition, with the sponsorship with Clif Bar, Clif Bar will provide Extreme Elements Sport will their entire product line to be sold at a discounted price to its customers to bring in revenue and promotion for both Clif bar and Extreme Element

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