Free Narrative Essays: Police Prejudice And Racism In Arizona

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“Boy, you know you can’t make that,” JJ’s little brother Ray said.
“Bet,” JJ exclaimed as he took the shot. The shot sank right into the hoop, as JJ gave a deadly stare to his brother Ray.
“You’d only make that shot once out of ten times,” Ray said.
“Ray, I play point guard for the Atlanta Hawks. I think I can make that shot,” JJ laughed.
“You know I should be the one playing right?” Ray said.
“Just a couple more years Ray,” JJ explained.
“Then I can finally make some real money!” Ray exclaimed.
“Let’s get out of here, it’s getting dark,” JJ said. They both went to JJ’s brand new Audi R8. JJ had just recently signed a brand new contract with the Atlanta Hawks, worth 24 million dollars. This is the first big contract JJ has signed since he
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One week ago a man named Chase Armione died due to police brutality, the cop was not charged. Many people in Atlanta are very upset. There is going to be a protest going down this Saturday. JJ’s first game was coming up this Saturday in Atlanta when the Los Angeles Clippers come into town. Police warned the city of Atlanta that all protesting will not be allowed due to the fact that the Hawks are …show more content…
The blacks versus the whites. It was going to be the 21st century Civil War. Supposedly, the bloods and crips were going to join together to fight all racist protestors. Riots were going to happen it was going to be crazy. There was nothing the APD could do to stop it from happening. An estimated 100,000 black protestors were already planning on attending this protest. The Atlanta Police Department sent out a PSA stating that all protesting will be prohibited due to the fact that very bad things could ensue. Any violators of the PSA would be shot down. That wouldn’t stop anyone from protesting. JJ planned on attending this protest, even though his coach Mike Budenholzer told him not

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