The Destruction, Looting And Traffic Of The Archaeological Heritage Of Peru By Walter Alva

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Article Analysis Two
1) In ‘The Destruction, Looting and Traffic of the Archaeological Heritage of Peru,’ author Walter Alva focuses on the mining and looting of ancient sites which leads to the destruction of many artifacts present. He also touches on the damage done to the archival record by removing the artifacts from their original context and sending them away to collectors or foreign museums. Alva works towards drawing attention to how collectors and museums play a large part in encouraging looters and explains just how damaging looting is.
I do think that the issues Alva outlines have impacted the cultural heritage in Peru. Local cultures have turned to glorify looting, despite it actively destroying the very artifacts that could give them knowledge of their own history and cultural heritage. These issues also span over a broader global scale, as the success of looters in Peru could encourage others to loot as well. When museums in one place begin to display looted objects, other museums begin to think it is okay to do so too. By destroying the artifacts of one site, scholars elsewhere lose the ability to obtain knowledge of that site. It is because of this that the act of looting leads to the destruction of the archival
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The artifacts have been removed from their original location, destroying the context in which they were buried. Some artifacts have also been lost to collectors or museums, which has erased any information on their history or culture of origin. These artifacts currently belong to museums in the United States, which further removes the artifacts from Peru, their country of cultural origin. While archaeologists can learn some information from cataloging the artifacts and comparing their characteristics to similar artifacts, the lost cultural context of Loma Negra serves as a real-life example of the disruption caused by looters that will never be

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