Long Range Weapons In Medieval

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There were many weapons in Medieval times, but some of the most effective were long range weapons. There were many types of long range weapons, the most influential were the longbow and the crossbow. Some other long range weapons that were not so effective compared with the crossbow and longbow were slingshots and throwing axes. These weapons may not have been as effective but they were much cheaper and easier to use.
How were long range weapons made?
Two main weapons dominated in the Medieval period: the longbow and the crossbow. These two weapons were the best in their time, so how were they made?
Let’s start with the longbow. The longbow has three parts, the wooden shaft, the string and the arrow. The wooden shaft is made out of yew, which was used because it is very flexible and sturdy. In places were yew was not available elm was used as a substitute. The shaft was carved into a
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How were long range weapons used in Medieval times?
Long range weapons were used for hunting and for battle, sometimes even for recreational purposes. Spears, recurve bows and rock slings were the most common hunting weapons. Sometimes a lord or a royal would have a crossbow for hunting. Smaller less powerful bows were given to children for shooting targets. Slingshots were also given to them for hunting smaller animals like birds and rabbits.
When in battle long range weapons were used very strategically. They were often used to cover the flanks of the army. Sometimes battle strategists, like Charlemagne, would lead with cross bowmen or longbow men to clear the first row of enemies if they were under siege. After the enemies had their frontline destroyed they would send in swordsmen or very occasionally, cavalry.
Were long range weapons

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