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  • Analysis Of Jesse Owens: An American Life

    In one of the greatest Olympic performances of all time, Owens won gold in four events; the 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 4 x 100 meter relay, and long jump. This defining moment in history shattered the Nazi idea of “Aryan superiority.” Enraged by this, Adolf Hitler refused to hand out the medals. Baker does a great job making it a point that amidst the rising tension in the Berlin Olympics, Jesse Owens was not there to create a scene promoting human rights but rather just to race and enjoy himself. He was not trying to make a statement; he simply wanted to be an athlete and take the games for what they…

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  • Advantages Of Long Jump

    Long Jump Procedures: The participant has to stand behind the line and has to jump off of both feet and attempt to jump as far as possible while landing on both feet. The participant gets three chances to jump as far as they can, then they record their data. Advantages: This test does not take very long to do and it does not require a lot of equipment. Disadvantages: It takes some form to know how to do this properly so some participants may have an advantage over others. Validity: it is a good…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Home Track

    blades of grass. I sat down on a moist blanket; soaked from the dew. After taking off my spikes, one by one, and replacing them with my tennis shoes, I sluggishly slogged back to the stadiums. A gentle “CLICK” arouse from beneath my feet as I walked up the cold and hollow aluminum steps. As I sat down, some of my friends gave me congratulatory remarks, which I merely shrugged off, when suddenly, my long jump coach looked up from her phone and excitedly exclaimed, “You didn’t get dead last!”…

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  • Observation To The Classroom

    At this point about a third as much as previously done when he went to jump earlier. He had his right arm bent with his hand holding onto the back of his head. He had all of his fingers and his palm touching the back of his head. His other hand was outstretched entirely. He made the motion of a sprinkler, going slowly one way and then digressing partly back the other. While making this sprinkler motion, he twisted at his torso to make the rotation effect of the sprinkler. Every time he…

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  • Summer Time Research Paper

    Long cold days slowly fade into short hot summer days. We pass the time enjoying the last few months of the school year. Before we know it time flies by quick and school is out for the summer. Summertime is always full of memories, some good and some bad. Last summer memories consist of heartbreak, laughs, work, friends, and love. I went threw it all, the begging of summer i was already over it and ready to graduate and be out of pawnee. As the days past on i found myself wishing time would stop…

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  • Carnival Triumph

    After booking the cheapest vacation we had ever booked it was time to go. My family and I were full of excitement crossing the Galveston Causeway, it was then we saw the cruise ship we were about to board after months of waiting. The Carnival Triumph looked massive as it was visible from miles away. The thirteen deck ship is a eight hundred nighty-three foot long. We could not wait to explore all of its wonders. Arriving to the port there so was much commotion. People were scrambling to make…

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  • Fear Of Lizards Research Paper

    While I wasn’t there my mother told me of her experience. She said that she was laying on the couch talking on the phone to a friend of hers when she looked up and saw something go across the bottom of the screen door. She said she thought to herself, “what is that,” before quickly noticing the long thin tail of a lizard. She immediately jumped up screaming while dropping her phone as she stood onto the couch. She said started to jump up and down before grabbing her phone and calling my oldest…

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  • Reaction About Accident

    college and this and that. After they finally calmed down, I was taken to the hospital. After several hours of waiting just to get a room in the ER, I’m finally in line to get seen. The nurse comes with a wheelchair to collect me and take me to the room for X-rays. As she is getting the machine ready I ask her what she thinks of the whole situation. She said it looked like it was broken but the way i described the pain it could be just something torn or pulled in my foot but there was no way to…

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  • Pole Vaulters Movement Analysis

    Imagine sprinting for 40 meters while holding a pole up to three times your height. At the end of the runway you propel yourself up as high as you can to fly over a bar. The four stages include prep and stance, acceleration, pole plant, and clearance and landing. The pole vaulters stance is the set up in preparation to begin accelerating towards the platform. The 40 meter dash while holding the large pole is a phase known as approach. The stance swing occurs during the pole plant which then…

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  • Personal Narrative: African American Football

    wait too long to get our wristbands, they were in the color of lime green that stated “6:30PM-8:30PM”. As soon as Rhea and I got our wristbands, we ran in quickly, put our socks on, and then started to jump. We went first to the trampoline arena to attempt flips and jumps. Rhea and I started jumping towards any open trampoline square or rectangle, spreading all across the section. We also kept alert to not jump on to any of the yellow dividers in the middle because they were very sturdy and…

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