Scott Carpenter Reading Lessons

Summary for the Structuralist Theory
In “Reading Lessons: An Introduction to Theory”, Scott Carpenter explains the structuralism, and what the structuralist focuses on. Structuralism is defined as “a multifaceted group of theories with varied and disparate goals” (Carpenter 27). It focuses on the structure of the message or the text which includes “big ticket themes”, repeated plot, repeated images, and binary oppositions. The “big ticket themes” is like “Man versus Society, Boys meets Girls, and so forth” (Carpenter 23). Moreover, Carpenter discusses, “Patterns are established by repetition and differentiation” (29), so structuralist emphasizes on which images or plots are repeated and different in the whole concept of the message.
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Although they both know about being looked down and bullied, Noah wants to show that he is stronger and more powerful. In Chapter 5, “Mr. Claypole administered a kick to Oliver, and entered the shop with a dignified air” (Dickens 26). Oliver doesn’t react anything to it. In this passage, although Noah knows how he feels of being bullied, he looks down Oliver, who is lower than him and treats him like he can abuse him with his strength. By using the binary opposition of good versus evil, Noah’s personality is different from Oliver’s, and the way he thinks that he can control him is a kind of like a bad attitude. Oliver tolerates Noah’s attitude not because he is weak, but because he doesn’t want to harm others. However, when Noah criticizes about his mother who was dead once he was born, he cannot tolerate him anymore. In Chapter 6, Noah said, “It’s a great deal better, Work’us, that she died when she did, or else she’d have been hard laboring in Bridewell, or transported, or hung; which is more likely than either, isn’t it?” (Dickens 35) Oliver cannot endure it anymore. Then, Oliver seizes Noah by the throat and fells him to the ground by collecting his whole force into a heavy blow (Dickens 35-36). First of all, Oliver endures Noah for bullying him. Then, when the limit is over, he …show more content…
This good versus evil binaries is the main tools that the reader can use to understand the whole message of this book. Since Oliver represents the good character, and is loyal to those who treat him with best manner, we can clearly see he can overcome the struggles in his life, and is able to find his true identity, and his relatives. On the other hand, Bill Skies who violates many crimes, and even kills his lovers end up his life with the most awful scene by hanging himself accidently. According to the relationship between behaviors, attitudes, and personalities of good and evil and their impacts on their future life, the message that if a person’s future depends on how good or bad he or she is doing are giving by employing with the binaries of good versus evil in Oliver

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