Gender Relationship Essay

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The final issue that this paper will explore is the power-relation dynamic and its impact on gender. This section will look at how things like assumed gender roles and strictly defined gender relationships reinforce the power imbalance that exists between men and women in society. For example, gender roles are defined as the “behaviours, tasks, and responsibilities that a society considers appropriate for men, women, boys and girls” (, 2015). Separating the ‘behaviour, tasks, and responsibilities’ to have specific relationships with a particular gender is problematic because it separates the power and capabilities of women and girls into a category to be dominated by men. It also creates a very narrow perception of their available roles …show more content…
First, the link between language and gender is important because it shows how that certain terms, phrases, and descriptions of women and their experience can create problematic identities that do not adequately represent their lived experience. Second, an examination of gendered subjectivity reveals that identities based on sex instead of gender are problematic and what is needed is to challenge of the essentialist view that divides sexual difference into dichotomies. Third, power-relations show that assumed gender specific roles and characters reinforce domination and control of specific identities in both micro and macro settings. Finally, these three topics are important when looking at the construction of foreign aid policies about women’s reproductive rights because of the way foreign aid policies use universalizing language, normalize rigid gender roles, and reinforce a male standard of value that asserts problematic power-structures behind women’s reproductive rights and choice. For these reasons the use of a feminist poststructuralist critique would be instrumental within IR theory, in particular the writing and implementation of foreign aid policies because they have real-world effects on the women of which they are written

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