Concussion In Sports Research Paper

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Despite recent media attention, public awareness campaigns, and mandatory trainings in public school systems, concussions remain a conundrum. Concussions are complex medical events potentially resulting in a sequelae of issues. Ramifications range in scope and severity across medical, emotional, social, and academic domains. The definition of a concussion differs across medical disciplines and the general public (3). Although the definition varies across different medical subspecialties, however all have similar hallmarks of injuring impacting overall brain function (3). According to primary care doctor, Emily Dixon, “It’s kind of an invisible injury,” (6). A concussion is defined and diagnosed more by signs and symptoms rather than physical evidence (1). …show more content…
Additionally, damage may ensue from rapid head movements (5). Doctors have recognized that a concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury. This brain trauma potentially entails loss of consciousness (7). Concussions from sports are categorized as simple or complex. To be grouped under the category of simple concussion, the athlete has sustained a hit and shows symptoms. After a brief recovery, the athlete may return to normal activity. On the other hand, a complex concussion is affiliated with chronic symptoms and diminished cognitive ability. A complex concussion more often than naught develops into post-concussion syndrome (9). The Center for Brain Injury and Repair at the University of Pennsylvania conducted research on complex concussions. At a cellular level, the brain keeps a

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