Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

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  • The Effectiveness Of Consumer Law

    It is irrefutable that, to a considerable extent, legal and non-legal actions are effective in administering justice for consumers. Consumer law has continually evolved in order to maintain its ability to protect consumers within the ever-changing modern marketplace - progressing from the common law notion of caveat emptor to an intensive legal framework recognising the fundamental need for consumer protections. While much of this contemporary framework - comprised of statutory bodies, law courts and tribunals, and working in conjunction with a myriad of other non-legal avenues - is highly effective in its delivery of justice, there remain areas of concern currently inadequate in safeguarding rights. Thus, although legal and non-legal measures…

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  • Donald Drumpf's 30 Of The Commerce Act 1986

    whether Donald Drumpf could claim that s 30 of the Commerce Act 1986 has been breached by Ernie Panders and Hilary Linten. To establish a breach two elements must be satisfied. First, there must be a contract, arrangement or understanding between the parties (Hilary and Ernie). Second, there must be a provision thereof which has the purpose of/has/is likely to have the effect of fixing, controlling, or maintaining, or providing for fixing, maintaining or controlling of the price for goods.…

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  • Hobby R Us Hoverboard Company

    “market statistics, the United States ' sale count for hoverboards totaled up to 2,578,000 units in 2015, with the sales revenue for that year being $997,600,000. Experts at Floating Board believe that 2016 can be an even bigger year for hoverboards if there are some innovations made to the previously sold models” ( When looking at secondary research, it revealed that our…

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  • The Crisis Of Samsung

    the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and all retailers and carriers that sold their device. The company went on to explain that the device runs a risk of safety, the device can overheat and cause complications, therefore, this program asked Note 7 holders to turn off their Note 7 devices and contact the retailer, carrier or Samsung itself in order to receive a full refund for the product or exchange it for another Samsung product. Furthermore, the program is launching a software…

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  • Amusement Parks

    and thrill people all around the world. The origin of the amusement park stems from medieval times, when European cities would host “pleasure gardens,” which included games, rides, dancing, fireworks and other diversions (Baughman, Bondi, Layman, McConnell, and Tompkins, 2001). In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the United States began hosting the world’s fair, and competition for prestige, press attention, and visitors spread across the county (Baughman et al., 2001). One of the most popular…

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  • Influence Of Play Activities In Early And Middle Childhood

    progressive attempts, all while learning how to avoid painful landings. Safety is imperative when designing play environments, including equipment and ground material types. While play equipment encourages healthy motor skill and sense development, the equipment can cause safety issues if improperly designed or set upon harmful ground material. Estimated annual injuries occurring on public playgrounds requiring emergency room treatment exceed 200,000 across the United States (U.S.…

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  • Deficiencies, Corrective Action And Risk Assessment Codes (RAC)

    discharge routes gravel surfaces were uneven due to soil erosion. (29 CFR 1910.37(h)(3)) RAC 3 = Moderate Recommendation: Submit a service order to have the exit routes repaired and surfaced. h. Playground area. Observation. The playground area is located on the backside of the facility and there are some problem areas that needs to be addressed. The Panzer Hotel playground equipment and area faced with a challenge of meeting current standards for playground safety; avoiding legal…

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  • Parliamentary Law In Australia

    act of the Australian Consumer Law it found three offences that the retailer may well have been in breach of, the three breaches found under the Australian Consumer Law were sections 18, 29(m) and…

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  • Woolworths Oligopoly Vs Monopolistic Competition

    Introduction Competition in business can vary from one organization to another, depending upon individual preference and the nature of the industry. In economics, market structure denotes those firms who produce homogenous goods. On the market structure spectrum, an organization starts with perfect competition on one end and makes its way towards monopoly on the other extreme end. In the middle of these two contrasting market structure types, we have duopoly, oligopoly and monopolistic…

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  • Importance Of Regulatory Regulations To The Business Environment

    The diverse range of legal regulations and policies of which govern the conduct of businesses within Australia can be considered as a crucial element in controlling the business environment. Laws that restrict businesses to certain boundaries are done so in order to promote fair competition and keep the business market competitive, whilst many laws act with regard to being beneficial for the sustainability of the environment. However, it can be argued that these legal regulations also bring…

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