Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Baxter Healthcare

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    two elements must be satisfied. First, there must be a contract, arrangement or understanding between the parties (Hilary and Ernie). Second, there must be a provision thereof which has the purpose of/has/is likely to have the effect of fixing, controlling, or maintaining, or providing for fixing, maintaining or controlling of the price for goods. Additionally, the parties must be in competition with each other and supply the goods in question. Both later requirements are satisfied on the facts. The onus for establishing that the first two elements have…

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    It is irrefutable that, to a considerable extent, legal and non-legal actions are effective in administering justice for consumers. Consumer law has continually evolved in order to maintain its ability to protect consumers within the ever-changing modern marketplace - progressing from the common law notion of caveat emptor to an intensive legal framework recognising the fundamental need for consumer protections. While much of this contemporary framework - comprised of statutory bodies, law…

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    and exchanges on a worldwide basis. Today we can distinguish between a marketplace and a marketspace. The marketplace is physical, as when one goes shopping in a store; marketspace is digital, as when one goes shopping on the Internet. E-commerce—business transactions conducted on-line—has many advantages for both consumers and businesses, including convenience, savings, selection, personalization, and information. For example, on-line shopping is so convenient that 30 percent of the orders…

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