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  • Summary Of Betye Saar's Outgrown Pyramid Part 1

    oppression and embraced the progress towards attaining equality. Focusing on two works in particular, Betye Saar’s iconic The Liberation of Aunt Jemima (1972), and Richard Hunt’s sculpture the Outgrown Pyramid #1 (1973), will help uncover the plight of African American’s at that time. These artists both demonstrate a keen awareness of how their art will operate in their surrounding locations. Saar’s work controls the viewer to experience it from one perspective, while Hunt’s piece is wide open for interpretation and interaction from all sides. In comparing these two works,…

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  • Aunt Jemima Analysis

    men. The mammy was used to counter anti-slavery sentiments by masking the relationship as a friendly and familial one (Turner 44-45). Aunt Jemima originated as a minstrel show character portrayed by a white man in blackface and drag. Christopher Rutt, co-founder of the ready-to-make pancake mix, used Aunt Jemima to market his product to appeal to his local, southern consumers (Behnken and Smithers 23). Using a mammy figure to sell their product was a success. The image of Aunt Jemima sold the…

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  • Cactus Jack At El Dorado Analysis

    deal with present and past stereotypes in the context of today’s society.” In order to display connections between the past and the present, Charles takes common black stereotypical characters and reinterprets them in contemporary ways. For example, the image of Aunt Jemima, a mammy, which is a black character that is historically known for being the caring house servant for the white family, is a caricature that Charles often critiques in his work. Similar to Charles, Colescott plays upon the…

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  • If You Give A Girl A Waffles Analysis

    tears, shudders, and tissues full of snot later I finally mustered the very last of my courage and looked at Tristin eye-to-eye. His eyes were watery but he held them back as to give me all of this moment. He spoke first: “Hannah you are brave. I understand that you wanted to keep this quiet, it means the world to me that you confided in me tearing down your protective barriers and exposing your vulnerability.” I melted into his arms. I felt safe. I felt whole for the first time in over three…

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  • Analysis Of Aunt Jemima Pancakes Advertisement

    Aunt Jemima (1850) Ad Deconstruction 1.The message this advertisement is proposing is to “wake up” and have a great morning by eating “Aunt Jemima Pancakes”. I can tell this is the message they’re trying to get across to their audience because of the choice of text and pictures. This advertisement represents reality well because pancakes usually do look the way they are shown in the advertisement and people typically do eat pancakes in the morning. It is also proven that eating breakfast makes…

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  • Faith Ringgold's 'Whose Afraid Of Aunt Jemima'

    Faith Ringgold was known as a painter, writer, and speaker. She is best known for her quilt art, which told stories about what she has gone through in life and certain problems that society was facing at that time. The piece above is called "Whose Afraid of Aunt Jemima" painted in 1983, done after the death of both her mother and sister. At that time Aunt Jemima was the black feminist hero, she was ridiculed for being fat, black, and having a big nose. Ringgold felt that this was not a way to…

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  • Anshu Dark Sorrows Analysis

    “ I guess we come to this world lonely and spend our lives struggling against it. We must cry for ourselves sometimes. We may have everything in life and still it isn’t satisfying.” (Kono p.4921) -Anshu Dark Sorrows by Juliet S. Kono tells a story of a woman from Kaiwiki, Hawaii. This young woman is Himiko Aoki, who at a young age was faced with life tragedies of losing a father and a lover. And due to her pregnancy was sent to Japan to live with her relatives to save her family shame. There she…

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  • Choice Of Destiny Essay

    No. “I tried so hard to get rid of my parents’ remote control in which I already finished everything for schools and ready to have some fun time with my friends. Regrettably, my mother got me a tutor and she said as I have spare time which means that I knew my stuffs, she found someone who could keep track on my status and continued to prepare me for school. To be honest, I am a teenager, I know I have to put many efforts on my works, but it does not mean that to fulfill your wants, which lead…

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  • Short Story: Shelter Point: A Narrative Fiction

    Her Aunt surprised, "bonjour, Cheri, how have you been? Bad girl, have not called your old Aunt in a long time". {indent}Spoke so fast poor thing could not get a word in conversation. In fluent French, "Bonjour, Aunt Viv, give me a second to answer," old woman, my foot, smiles to herself. {indent}Vivian was her mom's younger sister, two years Jenna's senior, "sorry," regretful, "busy with work and my kids,"…

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  • Narrative Essay About Moving To Chicago

    Ana. She was married to my uncle Beto and had 4 kids, the oldest is Lisa, then its Liliana, Araceli and the youngest is Rigo. We would always celebrate everything together. Have cook out every other weekend. All of my cousins and I would go out and play. Then when we had to move from Chicago to Texas in 2009 it was just my family and I. It was hard for both my brother and I . New school, new people, new home. We missed the city a lot and mostly our family. It was just us here, we felt lonely.…

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