Analysis Of Aunt Jemima Pancakes Advertisement

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Aunt Jemima (1850) Ad Deconstruction
1.The message this advertisement is proposing is to “wake up” and have a great morning by eating “Aunt Jemima Pancakes”. I can tell this is the message they’re trying to get across to their audience because of the choice of text and pictures.
This advertisement represents reality well because pancakes usually do look the way they are shown in the advertisement and people typically do eat pancakes in the morning. It is also proven that eating breakfast makes your day better. The pictures in this advertisement represent the happiness you feel when and after eating a good breakfast.
2. This advertisement displays a singing bird, a sun, a pancake on a fork and bright colours. These pictures and colours make me want to wake up on a warm and bright day and eat pancakes. This is why I believe the emotional hook used by the
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Choice of models or actors
The advertisers did not use a model or actor in this advertisement. However, they did use a newly famous representative named Aunt Jemima. I feel using Aunt Jemima is better than using any model or actor because she gives a more personal feel. She reminds me of going to my aunt’s house on a beautiful and sunny weekend morning.

Use of stereotypes
The stereotype of women being the ones who cook breakfast because of the text “No wonder more women prefer Aunt Jemima than all other brands combined!”.

Body language; facial expression
The singing bird and sun in the advertisement seem to be very happy and friendly. The lady (Aunt Jemima) also seems to be happy. They all seem to be happy because of Aunt Jemima’s pancakes!

The setting in the advertisement is not shown to prove a point that anyone, anywhere can enjoy breakfast with Aunt Jemima Pancakes.

What ‘story’ is being

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