If You Give A Girl A Waffles Analysis

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If You Give a Girl a Waffle: An Autobiographical Essay Waffles are simple. My life at this time was anything but simple. My mom went to the store that day and brought home a box of Hungry Jack pancake mix. She knows that I like the Hungry Jack brand the best even if we already had a nearly full box of Bisquick hiding in the lazy susan. I like perfection and I don’t handle change well so I got out the measuring cups and portioned all the ingredients out and let my boyfriend Tristin added the eggs, milk and oil in a big red bowl. I taught him how to hold the bowl perfectly angled in the crook of your waist and to whisk the concoction together by using the perfect ratio of gentle and vigorous oval shaped whisks. Tristin knew I needed a splash of something stimulating to get me back at least briefly into the spontaneous and jolly Hannah that I had filed away and buried deep into my subconscious months earlier. He added some… when I say some I mean the entirety of a twelve ounce bag of mini dark chocolate chips into the batter and then looked up at me with a goofy grin on his face. I cracked a genuine smile for the first time in months. I needed this quite comical action to bring me back to reality.
Calling my life an emotional trainwreck would have been putting it gently. My parents
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I avoided telling him or really anyone for three months. I gave myself excuses. I’ll do it in the next week… I had a lot of homework the next few days so I blew off my deadline. I’ll do it before Spring Break… I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s vacation and have them worry about me. I didn’t want to ruin Prom. I was busy running between the house and where my dad was staying. I didn’t want to worry anyone before for finals. Notice the pattern I was making? This went on for over three whole months. I tormented myself for 84 days keeping this a

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