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  • Harry Saidler's Influence On Australian Architecture

    Question one Harry Saidler was born in 1923. He was among the most proficient architecture in Australia (Australian Government, 2009). Some architects would admire his work because of the international methodologies and modernist ideas. This caused a great impact in the local architecture’s shape. Even though most of his work was done in Australia, but he is considered to be an international architecture. Furthermore, humanist ideals inspired his career. The structure of the practice of Saidler has made him famous since it changed CBD and surrounds of the skyline of Sidney. Some of the buildings that contributed to him being famous are Australia Square, Meller House, the Hutter House, the Gissing House and the Berman House among others. This…

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  • Personal Narrative: Make A Quilted Throw Pillow

    block that you can sew on the front of a pillow. It’s lovely, and it’s a relatively simple pattern to make – so you can still do this in time for Valentine’s Day. To do this project, you will need: •three fabrics of your choice, which we’ll refer to as Fabric 1, Fabric 2, and Fabric 3 •cutting mat (I use a combination cutting mat and ironing board to streamline the entire process) •iron •fabric scissors •rotary cutter •quilting thread Step One: Cut the three fabrics – these are the…

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  • The Importance Of Volunteering At American Public Square

    Over the course of the semester I have been volunteering with American Public Square. I have completed around eleven hours so far and have been helping at events hosted by the group. At events I have helped attendants find seats, passed out programs, collected questions from the audience, tracked demographics, and cleaned up once attendees have left. While my acts have seemed small to me, those putting on the programs have said these little things amount to a large burden off their shoulders.…

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  • Communal Areas

    Communal Areas Cleaning London Do you own a large commercial property, student property, flat share or office block? If you do, then you will have to address cleaning communal areas. The reason is because you must provide residents or visitors to such property with healthy living conditions that stand up to certain standards. You could try and take on such task on your own, but odds are it will be too large a job. By outsourcing the job to a communal areas cleaning company, you can take the…

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  • Australia's Geography

    Australia is in the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean. It is composed of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and the overseas territories. Australia is in the southern hemisphere. Australia is located off the southeast coast of Asia, next to Russia, Canada, China, the United States, and Brazil. Its land is as large as about four-fifths of China. The coastline of 3,700 km has the Pacific Ocean to the East and the Indian Ocean to the West. It is also the only exclusive city state in…

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  • Separation Of Power In Australia

    The county of Australia is a large island located in the Indian Ocean between Asia and the US. Slightly smaller than the US’s lower 48 states, Australia’s 2.97 million square miles of land are primarily split up into four major geographic regions; the Coastal Plains, the Eastern Highlands, the Central Lowlands and the Western Plateau (United). Most of Australia’s terrain is considered low, flat, and desert-like. However, there are mountain ranges and highlands that stretch across the country…

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  • Case Study: BHP Billiton

    BHP Billiton is a mining, metals and petroleum company based out of Melbourne, Australia. BHP Billiton is considered amongst the largest mining companies in the world. It is in BHP Billiton’s values to put health and safety first, being environmentally responsible and supporting the communities in which it operates. BHP Billiton is a registered Organizational Stakeholder of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). BHP Billiton practices its sustainability initiatives around the four major areas:…

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  • My Infant Classroom Essay

    Also, space would be as free as possible to allow the traffic to flow between activities. For example, I create a cozy area where the children will be free the noise (Mayesky, 2015). Space requirements: My ideal infant classroom would be for 8 infants between ages between 6 weeks to 12 months. It would have a proximity of 500 sq. feet where each child should have a minimum of 35 square feet of usable indoor floor space and 30 sq. feet of sleeping space per child. I should have a minimum 2 feet…

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  • Australian Culture

    astonishing cultures, but the most astonishing culture is that of Australia. There are many different aspects of Australian culture. One of the main aspects of Australian culture is the type of music and dance styles. Australia has many different components that make it up like the outback, education, and culture. There are ways that someone can tell the type of culture that a country has just by listening to the type of music that is playing. Australia's culture is a very old culture.…

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  • Nauru Case Study

    Nauru, is a small country located in the Pacific Islands that not many people know of. Nauru is located approximately twenty-five miles south of the earths equator, and it’s closest neighboring country is Banaba, another island that is about two hundred miles east of Nauru. The territorial size of the country is only about eight square miles, with a population of “9540” people (Nauru: 2016 Country Review, 3). Nauru “became an independent” country “in 1968,” making it the “smallest republic in…

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