Personal Narrative: Make A Quilted Throw Pillow

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Make a Quilted Throw Pillow for Your Valentine

I’ve been having fun with the Valentine theme this month, as I suppose you are already aware if you’ve been following the projects available on the blog! I adore red and pink, cupids and hearts, chocolate candies and pretty, heart-shaped sprinkles. I also love quilting! I thought a quilted throw pillow would be another wonderful idea for Valentine’s Day. You can make one as a gift for your sweetie, or just keep it and enjoy it for yourself. This pillow may be displayed only in February if you wish – but it would also be a fabulous home décor item throughout the year.

There is another reason I want to make this particular pattern: Did you know that according to the British Heart Foundation, February is Heart Month? Heart disease kills far too many people, and it’s often preventable.
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Whether you choose to give yours to a sweetheart or to keep it as a reminder of Heart Month, I hope you find making it a fulfilling endeavor. Let’s get started, shall we?

This pattern is for a heart quilt block that you can sew on the front of a pillow. It’s lovely, and it’s a relatively simple pattern to make – so you can still do this in time for Valentine’s Day. To do this project, you will need:

•three fabrics of your choice, which we’ll refer to as Fabric 1, Fabric 2, and Fabric 3

•cutting mat (I use a combination cutting mat and ironing board to streamline the entire process)


•fabric scissors

•rotary cutter

•quilting thread

Step One: Cut the three fabrics – these are the specifications for a 30cm block:

•Fabric 1: two rectangles of 8.9cm by 17cm each

•Fabric 2: three rectangles of 8.9cm by 17cm each

•Fabric 2: four squares of 8.9cm each

•Fabric 2: four squares of 3.8cm each

•Fabric 2: one square of 10cm

•Fabric 3: one rectangle of 8.9cm by 17cm

•Fabric 3: six squares of 8.9cm

•Fabric 3: one square of

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