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  • Personal Narrative: Make A Quilted Throw Pillow

    Make a Quilted Throw Pillow for Your Valentine I’ve been having fun with the Valentine theme this month, as I suppose you are already aware if you’ve been following the projects available on the blog! I adore red and pink, cupids and hearts, chocolate candies and pretty, heart-shaped sprinkles. I also love quilting! I thought a quilted throw pillow would be another wonderful idea for Valentine’s Day. You can make one as a gift for your sweetie, or just keep it and enjoy it for yourself. This pillow may be displayed only in February if you wish – but it would also be a fabulous home décor item throughout the year. There is another reason I want to make this particular pattern: Did you know that according to the British Heart Foundation, February is Heart Month? Heart disease kills far too many people, and it’s often preventable. With adequate exercise, a heart-healthy diet, and regular check-ups, we might deter the onset of this devastating condition. If we keep our stress levels to a minimum, avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and either quit smoking or never start, we have an even better chance of preventing cardiovascular issues. I think that a quilted throw pillow with a heart theme is the perfect project for this month. Whether you choose to give yours to a sweetheart or to keep it as a reminder of Heart Month, I hope you find making it a fulfilling endeavor. Let’s get started, shall we? This pattern is for a heart quilt block that you can sew on the front…

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  • Modesto Junior College Art Report

    two-dimensional depending on certain angles people view the sculpture. The artist is concerned with the three-dimensional existence compared to their two dimensional aspects and illusionistic qualities. Duchscher mentioned that his sculptures are visual experiences in themselves and are subject to change with both the environment and the observer. A piece of artwork that attracted my attention was called “Rhombus Cubis III.” The subject of the piece of art is a geometric sculpture. The…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Acute Triangles

    triangle which helps civilians know that she is elated. Also, the robot’s body is a rectangle. The middle of her body is a heptagon on top of a pentagon which is sitting upon a hexagon. This is her symbol which represents her just like how a letter S with red and blue on a yellow police badge represents Superman. The two octagons on her chest are her energy supplies. The octagon with all equal sides is her main energy supplies while the uneven octagon is her secondary energy supplies. Her arms…

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  • Compare And Contrast Ps4 And Xbox

    The PS4 comes in only one color: black. The exterior design is made up of two rectangular rhombus stacked on each with the top one pushed back a little. The interior specifications include an eight gigabytes 5500 megahertz (MHz) GDDR5 memory chip, eight gigabytes central processing unit (CPU) chip, Wi-Fi capability, Blu-ray driver, two HDMI ports, usb ports, Bluetooth, two fans, and PlayStation Network (PSN). The PSN is an online gaming service for the PlayStation console. The Xbox one comes in…

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  • The Aztec Civilization

    astronomy, social classes, and agricultural methods. Although the Inca and Maya civilization were successful in many achievements the Aztecs overshadow in their many accomplishments. The Aztecs were the first to realize that the sap or the thick milky liquid of the sapodilla tree could be chewed and harden rather quickly into a chewable piece of gum. The Aztecs were also the first to realize that if you grind beans to remove the sweet it would make chocolate. (Aztec Achievements) Moreover, the…

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  • Character Trait Analysis

    the character is trying to express and be able to better understand the actions and emotions that are present. In my classroom, I have tried the word wall but the interactive word wall is something that is new. Upon reading the resources. I found they allow for students to engage in word learning actively. Interactive word walls first introduce the concept, connect and associate words in meaningful ways, and help to apply word meanings to realistic situations. I have found that if we provide…

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  • Monty Python And The Holy Grail Essay

    Some of the costumes seen in the film appeared well before the tenth century, while others appeared well after the tenth century. The women’s costumes are an example of what was worn a century before the film took place, this is made obvious by the lengthy, baggy gowns and round coifs. Proving that the women’s costumes are inaccurate. The men’s costumes fare no better accuracy, the austere tunics showcase this. An example of clothes that would have been worn two hundred to three hundred years…

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  • Van Hiele Levels Of Geometric Reasoning Essay

    math time. The interviews lasted between 40 and 90 minutes a piece. Because of the higher level students, some of the interviews were more than one day. Each interview contained eight tasks in the subject of geometry. “These included: Drawing shapes, identifying and defining shapes, sorting shapes, and engaging both in informal and formal reasoning about geometric shapes” (Burger & Shaughnessy, 1986, p. 34). With the drawing portion of the paper, the students were asked to draw a shape, then…

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  • Tanya Bonakdar Gallery Analysis

    allowing people to step in and surround themselves by the colorful crochets while walking on a comfortable green and purple crocheted surface. Two of the entrances were thin because they were in a curved and serpent-like shape that surrounded the other entrance that is round and spacious. Inside the entrance on the back of the structure is a floor covered in green and purple fuzzy material with a long, thick tube-like structure filled with dry leaves, and accompanied by a small, long tube-like…

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