Rhotic and non-rhotic accents

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    Where’re Y’all From?: A Brief History of the Southern United States Dialect Southern American English, more commonly known as the Southern drawl or the Southern accent, is one of the most immediately recognizable of the United States’ many dialects. The dialect can bring many different connotations to mind depending on the preconceptions of the hearer. Those with positive ideas of the South may conjure up images of hard-working, hospitable, family oriented people, whereas others may prejudge anyone who uses the common Southern term fixin’ to as being lazy, slow, uneducated, or a “redneck” or “hick.” However, a little bit of study into the history and cultures that produced the modern-day Southern accent quickly shows that colloquialisms such…

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    When the Normans invaded, they brought with them their language. This then blended into Old English. Old English gradually became more and more French, borrowing French words and grammar, until it eventually became Middle English. Without the Normans, the English we know today wouldn 't exist. II. 1 A dialect is a way of speaking, characterized by accent an pronounciation, grammar and syntax, and slang. A dialect is usually confined to one geographic location. The Appalachian dialect…

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