My Infant Classroom Essay

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My ideal Infant classroom
The goal of my ideal infant classroom is to ensure that the safety of each child during all routine and activities and be attentive all the time. Also, I need to make sure I provide a healthy, safe and secure environment by arranging the room in a way that promotes learning and development of movement skills (tummy time, crawling, turning over, sitting, etc.).
The following guidelines provide a starting point for the design of my infant classroom environment. (Mayesky, 2015).
Lighting: I will use Incandescent lighting that will help the classroom look and feel more like a home. Also, I will consider the source of the natural light in the room so I might some curtains to avoid the children
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Also, space would be as free as possible to allow the traffic to flow between activities. For example, I create a cozy area where the children will be free the noise (Mayesky, 2015).
Space requirements:
My ideal infant classroom would be for 8 infants between ages between 6 weeks to 12 months. It would have a proximity of 500 sq. feet where each child should have a minimum of 35 square feet of usable indoor floor space and 30 sq. feet of sleeping space per child. I should have a minimum 2 feet between the cribs. Also, we would provide a napping area that is separated from the playing area and a quiet area for snoozing children.
Cozy area
I believe that creating a soft, quiet and protected place where infants can have some space away from loud or busy areas in the classroom. The infant room would have soft surfaces and places to sit, lie down, and cuddle up for infants comfort and cuddling. We would provide in this area some cuddly toys, cushion, a cozy rug, blanket, pillows Puppets, stuffed animals and/or soft dolls and Assorted books (board, vinyl, cloth)so children can look at. A soft cozy area is a place where children can go to easily can help with this self-soothing

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